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here's the whole interview jeremy lin would look sharp in a slim black lamb collared moto over a white v-neck and gray sweatpants
i scored it 7-5 for marquez, and that's being generous to pacquiao. there were at least 2 (middle?) rounds where pac didn't have an answer for jmm. pac looked busy by moving around a lot and feinting, and you saw he got frustrated whenever he threw and missed the double jab, straight left. for whatever reason, pac was tentative and let jmm take the rounds
what do people think about the +J fishtail parka?
+J peacoat is nice, real horn buttons and fabric is okay. gray and black looks the best. may be a little boxy for some ppl. $250. size one down from your normal coats uk, jp, kr people - thoughts on the +J fishtail parka - worth what they're charging?
Anyone know when the +J block tech half coat (fishtail parka) will be released? The US website says late September.
I grew up taking my shoes off at the door. You can feel whatever way you want, but it's obvious when you see a pile of shoes near the entrance. Unless you want to pull a Larry David and argue about the whole thing, use your judgment and show respect and common courtesy.
[[SPOILER]] did you get to see any of the upcoming men's +J outerwear? particularly the hooded olive parka/mod jacket. what did you think of what you saw?
Kyoho grapes I had these a few months ago and didn't know what the hell they were. They were the size of small plum tomatoes. Had them again today and the smell and taste was unmistakeable - nectary and aromatic like honey
^Were the Japan sized shirts ever released this season? I stopped by yesterday and all there was were the regular US sizes. I need work shirts and the sleeves on the Japanese M were the perfect length for me. I noticed that the front darting on the slim shirts are only really obvious on solid color shirts. Patterned shirts tend to hide it. I agree that the slim shirts need to be more fitted/less blousy. They need to make slim shirts with no back pleats and lower back...
Quote: Originally Posted by mellowfellow I dropped off a blazer at the tailor shop and saw a nice brown leather bomber hanging on a rack. I had to find out who was the maker so I touched the jacket. So nice leather. I looked for the label, it was indeed by toj! which tailor do you use in the les? are they fast/reliable/cheap? i'm looking for an alternative to LNC tailor in chinatown
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