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agree to disagree.
right, but MrG, with all his great knowledge and expertise, is wrong. the actual football programs still are losing money, they still do not make money. almost all.
oh. well, no, that's still not correct.
edina, no one cares. ignore me or don't. why do all of you knuckleheads insist on blabbering about how much you don't like reading my posts and how close you are to ignoring me. do you think i will lose sleep if you don't see my posts? i already ignore you anyway, just like ever other shithead on this forum.
okay, so the link you're talking about is really really small. not all high net worth individuals invest in businesses, but since some kind of do and we don't want to fuck up the general vibe they get, you don't want to raise taxes.it just feels like a talking point, since we already know that things work just fine with taxes a little higher. we saw that in the 90s.Solyndra was really nothing more than a firm taking a bad hit in the market. the stimulus did so many good...
well argued, but your argument makes the assumption that all of these people i want to tax (and not heavily, by the way, not substantially) are also people who use their wealth to make the types of investments you refer to, investments that turn startups into large firms. are we assuming that all "rich" (general term) people use their capital to turn startups into large firms?i would argue that the positive benefits from raising taxes and investing in real growth...
think about it this way, what if only 2 percent of americans who reported business income fell into the top two tax brackets? what if over 96% of american millionaires own a business?could i tax millionaires if only 4% of them own business, with more than three quarters of all business owners earning less than ~$200k?you think i don't understand how business works in the real world. that's a perfectly valid opinion. please, though, for the rest of us, explain how taxing...
voters don't care about solyndra, lol. the only people voting on the basis of solyndra in november are people who weren't voting for obama regardless. the class warfare stuff always falls on deaf ears, too. first, the bain attacks really aren't class warfare. bain is what romney is running on. it's his entire platform. i'm a business guy, elect me. forget about my record as a governor. remember what i did at bain. what's class warfare about pointing out that his time at...
i don't think about that nor do i care. i just come here to make fun of some of you, nothing more. mostly the conservatives because, hey, they're usually more bumbling. just look at AF. i mean, fuck, i'm baffled this guy can even change his avatar
being heckled by a bunch of future Mitt Romney voters -_-a. only on sf lol i swear
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