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no measurements?
As far as budget sweaters sweaters go (people have mentioned H&M, gap, etc.) I was actually pleasantly surprised with a regular merino vneck I got from Express, a shitty mall store, of all places. I bought it way before I found SF and started learning how shitty mall clothes are etc. but I've had it for about 2 years now and I'd say it's on par with the ones I also have from jcrew. fits better than the ones from jcrew or gap, too. no opinion on H&M since we don't have one.
jimmy graham looks like the #1 fantasy tight end in the league right now. drew brees targeted him twice as much as any other saints receiver. drafting him is paying dividends.
set off a febreeze bomb or something
Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan Seriously, do you have to say something like this in every thread? Is there anything you do know about?
Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS Google tries a lot of shit, some of it sticks, some of it doesn't... lets see where this goes. I will say this, Android is a great way for them to integrate this. hahaha yeah, that made me laugh because it's so true. google comes out with SO much shit. they don't filter anything out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fraiche Online website selling fad products. i think i read somewhere that the guy who started the website for the "we killed osama" t-shirts made six figures in...god, weeks.
to the guy who said offer a service rather than a product, i agree completely. if i ever started a business -- and i never would -- it'd be providing a service. i know a bunch of idiots that own successful gyms. unsure how much that costs to start up but all you do is maintain your equipment and get your books straight. over time you'll rake it in if you have a good location.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Clean I generally order a "medium-size coffee" at Starbucks. I let them figure out the rest. right. i don't mess with their screwy codenames. "just give me whatever your small is" "a tall?" "yeah sure, if that's your small."
is this a big deal? i think we have a 20 or so mile long bridge right here in metairie, just outside new orleans.
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