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Anyone be willing to proxy to Canada? Would love to pick up a few flannels.
Is there anyone offering proxies to Canada? would love to stock up on a few oxfords.
Looking to buy the mountain parka, any proxies to Canada?
Hi, I'm looking for a pair of APC NS 29 new or used. If anyone has a pair please pm me thanks.
Hi, I'm looking to buy some Uniqlo flannels in XS or Japanese S. If anyone has any for sale please pm me thanks.
Hi, I'm looking for a Sterlingwear Authentic Peacoat in a size 36R. If anyone has one that they would like to sell please feel free to pm me thanks.
Try contacting ssnyc he's a great guy and should be able to proxy you some items.
I'm looking for a Inapt Peacoat in a large, if anyone has one available please send me a pm thanks.
I'm looking for XS if you happen to spot any in these and can proxy them to me that would be great. If not then no worries.
I am looking for these 2 shirts in particular
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