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Quote: Originally Posted by GoSurface Shit. I'm 156. Gez, eat a burger dude!
I have never gotten drunk or taken any drugs. Here in Missouri the capital of meth labs, there are plenty of tv reports of trailer houses being raided with another bust. I don't understand why someone would want to take that nasty crap.
Trying to bulk up here, 5' 11" and almost 200 lbs.
Quote: Originally Posted by GoSurface It should be 1000 posts minimum. There's too much fragility inside of the heart of a SF newbie. 100 or 1000 post, it doesn't matter now! I have been reading for days now every post and replies to see how people get such high numbers and I have found the answer.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jumbie Mexico FTW! Dammit, Someday I will move to Mexico!
Quote: Originally Posted by jpgm clarks desert boots hell's bells bauhaus sugarcane belt mtm shirt warrior harrington thomas meihofer ring reiz specs smirkface jpgm, I like your style, you have great taste!
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn I take it that's an isolate? I just can't see whey concentrate being good mixed with oats. Yes, Isolate is what I use in mine. I will have to make those protein bars, I tried another recipe once and it was terrible!
It may be days, it may be months, but I will get those 100 post!
I use the "NOW" unflavored brand of protein and also use peanut butter and honey in my oatmeal. I do it cause I get so tired of protein shakes and all though I can lightly taste it and the texture is some what off, it's really not that bad.
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