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Quote: Originally Posted by rjmaiorano Does that mean you won? Fuck yeah it does. Tryouts today were: 10 min. jog to hills 2x10 min. hill run (5 min. rest interval) 10 min. jog back to boathouse 7x1 min. on/1 min. off First 6 splits in the 1:38.0-1:38.7 range Last split was 1:33.5 Those were the fastest erg times anyone pulled all day.
I prefer black turtlenecks.
300 situps 200 jump squats 100 pushups 3 mile run in 23:48. Not terrific, but it was 97 out, and we'd just done 200 jumpsquats. Finished 4 minutes ahead of the next dude, ~8 minutes ahead of the pack, ~12 minutes ahead of the slow kids. EDIT: Pulled a 30' piece on the erg in the afternoon. Splits were at about 2:00. We have 70 guys trying out this fall, so we're pulling 2k's instead of 6k's at the end of tryouts. 6:49.9 is the goal.
Recovery day today. Stuck on ESPN and pulled for an hour at a 2:03.7. Crew season starts 8AM tomorrow. Fucking psyched.
2k today. 6:50.3. Splits were: 1:43.0 1:43.0 1:41.8 1:42.4 Satisfied for today. Tomorrow, it's time to start training to pull 6:48.
FWIW, I'm 6'2", 170ish, and a J. Crew small fits me ok, if not a little baggy around the waist. Their stuff is usually pretty generously cut.
12' warmup 4x500m w/ 1 minute rest intervals (note: usually, we do these with equal rest intervals) 1:39.7 1:39.9 1:39.8 1:39.1 Total: 2k in 6:38.5 Fuck yeah.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Okay, since kids in the US don't article, going to guess you might be in Canada. Isn't there something about living together for six months where she could come back on you? What is articling?
30' at 1:51.0
Tie between Brussels and Veronas. When I was a little kid, we always bought Mint Milanos at the store for my dad, and I recall thinking that they were drugs.
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