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20 mins. core 20 mins. erg. 1:54.9 avg. for 20', rate capped at a 20, on a really shitty old Model C. It hurt. 20 mins. stairs The past 5 days were on the water. All the technical stuff is falling into place nicely. I figure I might as well make a push for our Head of the Charles boat. 90% chance it won't happen, but it's a good reason to go a little extra hard for this season.
Look like regular ole Clarks DB's. They're just laced differently.
Quote: Originally Posted by onion I've never seen a single good review for any of the Sport Clips near me. I'd go to a real barber. Personally, I'd rather have a good hair cut and be bored while I got it than watch 20 min of ESPN and look like an idiot for a month. +1. Also, the men in the commercials look like huge douchers, and the girls don't even appear to be all that hot.
1:52r22 for a 4k, after an arms workout, as a lwt. (you still are, right?) is damn impressive. Anyway, tryouts ended today and rosters were posted. I'm apparently skipping my 2nd novice season to row Varsity, which, from what I gather, isn't supposed to be allowed in my program. Thanks, StyleForvm, for playing a small role in helping me catch the rowing bug.
lol no
dem steven alan sweatpants look cool, but how long are they, what's the true waist measure, and where in Chicago are you?
40 mins. in the tanks. I sat 7 seat, which was hopefully a good sign. Then 2x6' on the erg, STRICTLY rate capped at a 24. First piece was 47.4, second was 47.2. Then did the whole 300 situps, 200 jumpees, 100 pushups routine along with some more general core/conditioning circuit stuff. Kind of half-assed that part of the day because my whole body fucking hurt.
6x500m 1:41 1:40 1:40 1:40 1:40 1:37 5.something mile run, in 92-degree heat, in 43 mins. Gonna lift later in the day. EDIT; 3x5 squat at 155# 3x5 bench at 95# 1x5 DL at 185# Hoping this lifting will bring down the 2k a lot.
Do any of you guys use this stuff or know of it? Is it safe, and does it actually work? How about side effects? And are there any preferable alternatives? FWIW, I'd be using the stuff in order to help with self-imposed 2-a-days this fall, in which one workout would be an intense erg piece/interval set, and the other workout would be lifting, rowing on the water, or running. Thanks as always, wmmk
Quote: Originally Posted by rjmaiorano Does that mean you won? Fuck yeah it does. Tryouts today were: 10 min. jog to hills 2x10 min. hill run (5 min. rest interval) 10 min. jog back to boathouse 7x1 min. on/1 min. off First 6 splits in the 1:38.0-1:38.7 range Last split was 1:33.5 Those were the fastest erg times anyone pulled all day.
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