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Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Parsons--along with Central St.Martins--is sort of the "Harvard" of the design world. Isn't RISD more prestigious than Parsons?
Last 6k of the season was a 22:01. One more head race on Oct. 30, then a looooooong winter of erging close to every day in the basement of a drycleaners' shop that our team rents.
6x1k, equal rest. 1:44 1:45 1:45 1:45 1:45 1:45
Quote: Originally Posted by AndyMcL Way to go! Congrats dude, not much feels better than dominating a seat race. What happened during the 6k? Looks like you pulled right around what I did, but you're killing me on all your other pieces. Thanks, man! I think I had a hard time settling into a steady rating and split, and also probably screwed myself up mentally. I was 7 seat in JV for a while last week before I moved back into 2V and am now...
Went 1:53 on that 6k last week, was pretty upset about it. Temporarily lost my seat over it. Anyway, I spent the rest of the week in the JV8+ at 7 seat (it's a starboard-rigged boat), laying down technique. Monday, we did 4 x 1500m and I averaged a 1:45.5. HOO RAH. Then Wednesday, did a 20' piece at 22spm with feet out and pieces of looseleaf paper between my shoes and the footstretchers at 1:55. Finally, last night, our coach gave me the chance to win my seat back. We...
Seat racing day, though I wasn't being seat raced (yet). 4x6' pieces, all out. First 3 mins at 28, last 3 at 30. Tomorrow we pull 6k's on the ergs. The coach's goal is for me to hit or break 22:00 (1:50 split). My stomach is already churning. Damn. Gotta kill that piece.
Short row today, then de-rigged boats and loaded trailers. Leaving for Toledo tomorrow, racing twice at the Frogtown Races saturday. Men's Open 8+ and Men's HS 1st Varsity 8+ (I'm in our school's 2V8, but we're entering 1V races this fall in order to see better competition and get prepared to whup ass in spring).
Quote: Originally Posted by rjmaiorano Was actually punishment during crew for some dumbass puncturing a hole in the hull of one of the rigs. Damn. What exactly was the punishment? One eight (not mine) almost dropped their boat on a race day. They had to do 1300 jump squats the next day. More than half of that boat had to use the elevator at school for the next week. Anyway, the 5x1k went ok Monday. Ratings were set at 28/30/30/32/32. My...
Quote: Originally Posted by rjmaiorano Isn't it great. Ha. My favorite pass out was slumped against a tree. I recommend not driving immediately after, makes for a bad time. Was this after erging, or triathlon-related stuff? Anyway, today's a late start for school, so we did a 2-a-day. 6 AM on the water. I'm rowing 4 seat in 2V8. We rowed 6 pieces against our 1V8 and never let them take more than 4 seats on us. This afternoon, we're doing...
Did 3x3k monday with less-than-equal rest. Pulled a 1:51 each time. Wednesday was 8x500m. Ratings were 26/26/28/28/30/30/open/open. Splits were 1:44, 1:44, 1:42, 1:40, 1:39, 1:38, 1:38, 1:37 for 320 meters then legit blacked out and fell off the erg. Today, we seat raced 800 pieces OTW in 8+'s. Times were between 2:30 and 2:36 (1:33-1:37 splits). I beat the kid I was up against by 2 seconds. HOO-RAH.
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