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Quote: Originally Posted by bach how many days a week did you train in season and what was your routine like? did you lift weights and run as part of your training? We train 6 days a week, both in season and during winter training. In season, that's usually 4 days on the water, and 2 conditioning days, which always involve erging, and also usually include running (sometimes stairs) and lifting/core circuits. Over winter training, that's 6 days...
Got an acceptance letter from my early decision school. All those all-nighters and other assorted b.s. must've paid off.
Quote: Originally Posted by rjmaiorano ^^ Why are you out of shape? You get hurt? Had to do college apps, take the SAT one last time, etc. For 3 weeks after the season ended, I only worked out 2-3 times a week. In the long run, it'll probably be good to have had the time off.
Winter training. No coach, no cox; concrete fuckin' room. It's hell. Been doing lots of 40 min. pieces, 2x20's, and 4x10's. The other day, we did a 500m/1:40r/1000m/3:20r/1500m/5:00r/2000m [and back down] pyramid. My first 500m was 1:39, and my last was 1:41. The 1k's were around 1:45, the 1500m's were around 1:50, and the 2k was 1:52 or something. All in all, I'd say I'm still out of shape, mentally and physically. It's going to take a lot of ass-hauling to get to 6:40...
I've been looking around for a sweater like the one in this picture: but in a different color and with the year '2015.' Does anyone still make and sell these? Thanks, wmmk
Andy McL's got it right. I tried the Oartec at a booth at last year's Midwest Championships, and it felt pretty good. That said, putting an existing Model D on slides works just about as well. To anyone who's just erging for fitness, slides and dynamic ergs are probably just a waste of money.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pantisocrat Who cares. free speech and all that. I use "asinine" in place of "stupid". Like, wow, what asininity! The definition of "asinine" is "extremely stupid or foolish." "Gay," on the other hand, means nothing even vaguely related to "stupid." So I don't see what connection you're trying to draw. And do you really mean to argue that the First Amendment means that nothing you say can be seen as offensive to...
Surprised Bacino's hasn't been mentioned. Their stuffed spinach supreme is excellent.
A bit scruffy. My beard grows in very soft, which I always thought of as looking less badass than denser, pricklier facial hair, but m'girl apparently finds it comfortable on her face. So all's well.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Parsons--along with Central St.Martins--is sort of the "Harvard" of the design world. Isn't RISD more prestigious than Parsons?
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