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Monday: 5x750--1:42 avg. Tuesday: Rigged eights; rowed on the water Tonight: 8x500--1:38 avg. Tomorrow: Back on the water Friday: 2k
Yeah, I'm interested.
Maybe a blond/light brown horn.
Quote: Originally Posted by 50 Eggs How much warm up time did you put in before busting out the intervals? Eh, about 4-5 minutes at a 2:20 or so with a couple 10-stroke bursts at full pressure (sub 1:40) thrown in towards the end. Monday, we did 10 min. erg (4'@22, 3'@24, 2'@26, 1'@28), 10 min. stairs, 10 min. erg again, 10 min. stairs again. Went 1:49.9 on the first erg piece, 1:49.7 on the second and passed a lot of guys on the stairs....
Did 12x1:00 yesterday. Averaged a 1:39.5, felt pretty good about that. Today, ran up the 80 flights of the Aon Center in Chicago with some other crew guys for a charity event.
bach, that workout sounds pretty brutal. Where do you go to school? Anyway, rowing (and only rowing) will give you massive quads and forearms, and pretty big lats. That said, most of the really big rowers do lift outside of crew. While pecs, delts, etc. aren't actively used in pulling the oar/erg chain, it definitely helps to have a big chest so that you've got some weight to throw around behind the erg handle.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pennglock You realize that pursuing 10% bodyfat is probably going to destroy your rowing performance, right? To be honest, I didn't. I would think that decreasing bodyfat would end up helping with cardio, making the boat a little lighter, etc. Anyway, I really just want to get leaner, lose any noticeable excess bodyfat, and develop some good muscle definition. If that happens at, say, 12% or 14%, I'll be...
Quote: Originally Posted by unclesam099 Wow, never knew this thread existed. Rowed just 20' at 1:52.2 today, nice easy day. Wasn't really feeling it. Rowed 4 years at Purdue 2001-2005, highlights included Dad Vail Silver in the MV8+ and 8th in the MV4+ at IRA. Coached frosh/novice 2005-2006. My guys went on to win Dad Vail 2x in the V8+. 6:17.8 in the 2k was PR. Bought an erg after college, rowing the single now. Pretty awesome to see so many...
the latter.
Wow, some really detailed advice there. Thanks much to all you guys for helping me out. I'll report back on how this is going in a few months.
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