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I was actually taught to initiate the drive through the heel, holding connection through the toes at the finish. It can feel awkward for a while, but I do think it ends up being pretty efficient. Anyway, today was my first day back on the water since that last race. Took out a rec single at 6AM on Lincoln Park lagoon; it was beautiful out there, and the Chicago skyline was a nice backdrop. The single felt a little unset at first (this was maybe my second time ever in a...
In size twin XL, for college. I'm still on that America tip. I like the look of Pendleton stuff, but it's absurdly expensive. Anyone have suggestions?
Laid down one of our worst pieces of the year yesterday. We started sloppy, settled to too high a rate, and didn't respond well when the cox called for moves. We ended up coming in 3rd at Midwest, and two boats in the 2V8 qualify for SRAA nationals. So this is the end of my high school rowing career. I'm crushed.
Scrimmaged a local club crew on saturday. Took 2 of 3 pieces against them. On our best piece, we did 1000m in 2:48, taking a length of open. Midwest Championships are Sunday in Oak Ridge, Tenn. I'm so damn psyched.
Yo Bach, you rowing for the Cal Lightweights?
Had two dual races yesterday. 1500m in 4:56.80, with 23mph headwind. Took 5-6 lengths of open. 1500m in 4:56.04, with 27mph headwind. Took 7-8 lengths of open. HOO-RAH.
bach, that's a solid training program. You're rowing with the Cal lightweights, right?
Quote: Originally Posted by bach i'm gonna give the "wolverine plan" a shot this summer. 9 ergs/wk!! http://www.rathburn.net/rowing/train...ine%20Plan.pdf Yeah, the WP is good shit. I used it for a while last summer and dropped 8 seconds off my 2k. Also, how hard do those 5k's feel? Your HR's sound pretty low for ~20 steady-stade workouts. I try to get into the 175-185 range when I do bike or erg pieces around that length, but ymmv....
Well, damn, went 6:50.2 on a 2k today. Just been feeling shitty all week and didn't pace myself well on the test; now I'll have really have to prove myself in seat races over the next 2-3 days. We race the 16th.
Quote: Originally Posted by unclesam099 2:07? Come on, girls on my old team did better than that, even while working on their form. I mean this in a good way. Trust me, your body can do so much more than you think that you can It's your mind that holds you back. Especially a guy your size. FWIW, I was 6'3" 182lbs when doing all of these PRs and workouts that I've posted here. Heck, I did a marathon (42,195) at a 1:55.x, ended up around 2hr...
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