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Took silver in the junior men's single today at Chicago Sprints. Not content with that, but satisfied for now; felt like I laid down two damn good pieces. Sorta hammered at the moment anyways. Kid who ended up beating me was kind of a stud, 6'4 lightweight with a 6:30, who medalled at youths. Also got 7th in the 8, which was ok for a boat that had 3 different programs' rowing styles represented, that'd only practiced twice.
The single is going well. I'm starting to like it more than rowing in bigger sweep boats. I've logged 296,013m so far this summer, and hope to break 500km by the time school starts back up. I'm racing the single and an eight this weekend at Chicago Sprints.
What is LEC?
Dad and grandpa's hand-me-downs. Beaten up as hell.
Rowed 20km this morning, solid pace, at the asscrack of dawn Had a little more than a whole chicken's worth of fried chicken, along with three servings of mashed potatoes, some cole slaw, and a few hawaiian rolls. Was gonna complete the trifecta by git'n some from this really attractive girl I'd been hooking up with, but she's busy all day, getting ready for a 3-week trip she leaves for tomorrow AM. Damn.
Yeah, it actually turned out that their 'closing' was basically just a cheap way to lay off all their unionized waitstaff and drum up some publicity in the process.
Quote: Originally Posted by dieselman89 So how do i make a charcoal suit stylish?
Sorry if any of this stuff has already been mentioned: Rocky's Tacos Super Tortas Futboleras, on Clark in Rogers Park Chicken Shack, in Evanston Bacino's (for the deep dish spinach supreme), in Lincoln Park Sun Wah BBQ (for the Peking duck) on Bway in Rogers Park Piece (for the white clam pizza, though it's not as good as New Haven pizza), in Wicker Park Cemitas Pueblas, in Humboldt Park Hecky's, in Evanston The Berghoff, in the loop
Tuesday was a good day in the single. Got up to full slide, maybe 80% pressure, and slightly higher rates. This morning, it was thundering and raining heavily, so I erged at the boatclub. Did 4x10' (splits around 1:55, rates around 18-20), then went to take a piss in the locker room and passed a big ole kidney stone. My blood circulation got kind of temporarily messed up, I got really faint and dizzy, and the pain in my abs was giving me a hard time breathing. I ended up...
I was actually taught to initiate the drive through the heel, holding connection through the toes at the finish. It can feel awkward for a while, but I do think it ends up being pretty efficient. Anyway, today was my first day back on the water since that last race. Took out a rec single at 6AM on Lincoln Park lagoon; it was beautiful out there, and the Chicago skyline was a nice backdrop. The single felt a little unset at first (this was maybe my second time ever in a...
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