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Dude, you should stop by for some kind of NESCAC erg bash. A couple of my high school buds are going to Williams and Trinity; we could have 4 11ths of the conference represented!
Hi, I was wondering whether anyone in NYC would be willing to pick up some things from Uniqlo for me, as they no longer accept phone or email orders. This wouldn't be a very complex order; I only want a sweater, two pairs of corduroys, and a few pairs of socks. I will pay for shipping to me in Massachusetts, and will also negotiate a fair proxy fee to pay you for the service of doing the proxy. Please let me know if you're interested. Thanks much, wmmk
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
They probably stretched somewhere between an inch and an inch and a half. I'm pretty sure that there's been a new run recently, so the fabric might have changed.In general, I think these may be the best-fitting pants I've ever had. For whatever reason, I always seem to have better luck with chinos and cords than with jeans, fit-wise.
30k today in the single. Went a little nuts, haha. I'm now past 500,000m for the summer. I think I still have a chance of making it to a million before fall crew starts up.
Just finished hot soaking my new Blue in Green unsanforized khakis. These are awesome.
Hit 4:03 today for my boatclub's 1k course in the single. The old PR was 4:08. Fuck of a lot harder to pull 2-minute splits in a single than on an erg! Also, I did a 10k on the erg the other night, cycling through 18/20/22 spm. I think I went balls out for the last minute or so. Finished with 1:55 avg. split.
Admittedly not. I'd say about 65-70% of my work meters come from L4-type pieces, but a lot of that work is done out in my single. Because I don't yet own a SpeedCoach, I can't monitor stroke rates or splits very accurately on the water, which makes doing real L4 workouts effectively impossible.
Yeah, WP is some solid shit.
Yeah, that would mean 1:58.1 per 500m. And generally, most people use a resistance setting between 3 and 4 (or 5). It's most similar to the actual resistance of rowing on the water, and rowing at a much higher resistance could hurt your back.
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