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Been a couple years since I've posted here. I came back to school at 6am the morning after Christmas to work on my senior thesis and have barely seen a soul around campus since getting here, so I figured the ole WAYWT thread might be a decent substitute for genuine human interaction (and provide some welcome opportunities for procrastination). Hat: Adams Headwear Shirt: Vintage Orvis Belt: A Tail We Could Wag Jawns: 501 Shoes: Sebago Schooner Watch: Modded Seiko "Poor...
Hey y'all, I've been looking around for awning striped shirts and having a rough time finding anything along the lines of what I'm looking for--white grounds with 1/2" stripes, evenly spaced, preferably on an oxford cloth or similarly casual fabric. Brooks Brothers, Paul Stuart, Gant, Hamilton, J. Press, and the like don't seem to have anything of the sort, and google hasn't been much help either. If it helps, I'm talking about something like this (sorry, couldn't get...
Holy shit. If you're going 6:19 at a 23, even close to lightweight, that's incredible. Where'd you row in college?
So last season went real well. Stroked the 1st frosh boat, went undefeated in dual racing, won New England Championships, and made the Grand Final at Dad Vail. Finished .6 sec. out of the medals at the Vail, which really kills me, but that's rowing. Figure it'll be fuel for next year. Think I coulda gone a bit faster on the 2k erg if we'd tested at all during the season, but our coach is big on not having us pull any tests once spring racing starts. Think I'll need to go...
Blast from the past. Just as weird lookin' as I was when I posted here back in the day, but I've learned not to give a fuck. Also, I realize this should probably be in MC. Sorry 'bout that.
Ended up going 6:38 on that 2k the weekend before last. Pulling another at CRASH-B's this Sunday. Did a half marathon today at 1:57.2 (took 1:22:26 in all), pretty happy with that. Will do speed work tomorrow and then start to taper off a bit.
Been a while since I posted here. Winter training is going well. Pulled 1:53.3 on a 15K today, at 23spm. Felt pretty damn good about that. Also, recently pulled 21x1' at 1:38.1 and 4x8' at 1:47.5. Doing a 2k on Saturday, then another on 2/19 at CRASH-B, then possibly another on 2/29 if I'm not satisfied with the first two. Pumped about spring season.
Yo Andy, you racing in the Collegiate 4+ this weekend at Head of the Fish? I noticed Skidmore had an entry...
N.Y.A.C. comes to mind.
Went 21:52 on my 6k yesterday (1:49.3 split). In doing so, earned myself a seat race for our Head of the Charles boat. Pumped.
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