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Lovely. I think the tan suede bluchers are next in line for me.In terms of actual everyday wear, what's the difference between lined and unlined suede? Is it just a question of how warm they are?
I got inspired and decided to have my shoe guy "antique" the edgetrim on my longwings. Liked it so much I did my monks too!
Monks are next on my list. I'm open to suggestions on color though (black is awfully... well, black).
Ye... uh, no. Nope, these are completely different, not-at-all related to those other 12.5 Cs.I've gotta say, the #8 color is more reddish than I thought it'd be. I might throw on some black polish and see what happens. I'm also thinking about antiquing the edgetrim, I really like that look.
For my second annual tax-return Alden splurge I invested in my first pair of horseass shoes: $475 off of ebay. Thank you sam100772!
So the Verdis are a fuller cut than the Classico? I wish I'd known that before I had two pairs of Maestros cut down from a 42 to a 38!
Has anyone had issues with the cut of the Classico trousers? I found the Maestro pants (size 38) to be slightly too snug in the seat, but the legs were fine. I recently had to return a pair of size 40 Classicos because, while the seat was fine, they were FAR too tight in the thighs - even slimmer than my (size 38) J. Crew Ludlow trousers. Are they supposed to be so skinny, or did I get a mislabeled pair of pants?
Another vote for the Benjamin here. Far and away my nicest suit, the quality seems as good as if not better than my two Golden Fleeces. Fit-wise it was spot on with minimal tailoring.
Just got the walnut players (sorry, "playahs") and the brown Vincis myself! Great minds and all that...Of course now I'm never going to want to spend more than $100 on a pair of shoes again!
It's a man-bag. Is it european?
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