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Quote: Originally Posted by radicaldog Do you wear short-sleeved polos under summer sportscoat? They do work. Actually, they work well. You just have to be able to pull it off. Have you ever noticed how some people can make anything work. While others just don't look natural or at ease in their clothes. Personally, I think it has more to do with attitude.
Quote: Originally Posted by stumy This is a serious suggestion: Consider going to a goodwill, picking up a brooks brothers (or equivalent) shirt for $3, and then take it to a shirt alteror. For a total of $23 you will have a nice fitting shirt. Other than that I can't think of anything in that price range, but others very well might. That's a good idea if your local thrift store has any Brooks Bros. The only way you'll find BB in a...
Who is KVemberiExattem and why is he posting all that crap? Being from OH these are all locations in N. OH
Quote: Originally Posted by robin For you old timers on the board, I have many questions for you. Some might be dumb. I guess 50 qualifies me as an old timer. At least my kids think I am. Quote: Originally Posted by robin Were there always lots of designers and clothing lines before 1998, the way it seems now? Or was clothing largely dominated by a few big players in New York and Europe? Yes, there were...
How LE, regular price is a whopping $19.99 and they come in a tailored fit. Hyde Park is about $30 and very nice quality. The regular fit is a little big if you're slim.
Quote: Originally Posted by East Oakland Yes, particularly the high end stuff you can only find in Asia. The Grand Seiko's are on par with the automatics that come out of Geneva. The problem is a lot of what they normally sell in the US is pure junk, so the brand is not well-perceived here. I like this site for Asian watches: Do they ship stateside?
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur Is there some way (other than bespoke) to reduce the size of armscyes on shirts? The reason I ask is that even though I wear shirts with the right (more or less) sleeve length, my shirt sleeves always end up looking baggy due to the excess fabric of the large armscyes and my small biceps. Am I right in thinking that smaller armscyes make for better fitting shirt sleeves (assuming that the sleeve length is...
Like the shoes. Not really sure about the jeans though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dewey This is too easy. First, there's way too much attention to fit, and especially the degree to which fit is more important than quality or just sporting a storied label. All your attention should be placed on fit. If you don't have fit you don't have anything.
Quote: Originally Posted by garmentmerchant NO quality wont go down it will only get better over time. Prices will fluctuate im sure, you may see labels with cheaper versions of their garments That sounds like wishful thinking.
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