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I have a similar problem. I go for a longer shirt length to show the cuff, and an arm band to shorten the longer sleeve.
I meant in the sense that the leather and suede combination seems today rather 'fancy', while Soviet dress in the 1920s one imagines was strictly utilitarian. I wonder who would have worn boots like these in 1920s Russia.
It's interesting that a design like this was thought appropriate for the comrades in 1926!
Can you say more about this boot please? Does Russian mean Soviet? Is it some kind of military design?
Disturbingly, it's actually lama calf!A two llama, he's a beast;A one lama, he's a priest.
It could just be a bowtie worn under the collar. I have seen and done that myself. But in the photo it looks like some kind of uniform stock.
I have twice bought Trickers bargains on line only to find them short. Afer a while trying to convince myself they (or I ) would somehow change, I sold them again.
Trickers shoes are notoriously 'short'.
I think my rather unhelpful answer is that it depends how good it was in the first place. I have four pairs of SLs which I wear regularly. Three are some of my most comfortable shoes and have held up very well. The fourth from the start creased the way cheaper shoes with poor leather do. I should probably have returned them.
What we don't need to know is the underarm measurement of a coat or jacket, and yet that is so often given instead of the sleeve to cuff length.
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