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The Natural Shoe Store in London still has a few pairs of the Grenson Balmoral Boot:
I finally did - six years later! The Natural Shoe Store only has a few pairs of the Grenson Balmoral left now.
No half sizes so cannot take the risk.
No camera to hand, I'm sorry. But there's really no need - nothing to see. Four years on I wore mine today and there is absolutely no sign of where the flag was. The tiny holes disappeared very soon after removing the flag.
I have several pairs. Mainly leather / suede boots. I think they look just as good as the two-toned or multi-coloured shoes that most people seem to wear.
Gordon Scott was a (long gone) shoe shop. CandJ always outrank Loake.
There's an article about them in tne current (No. 80) edition of The Chap: "Broughton Boots: the resurrection of this iconic British working footwear brand". Not online though.
I have a similar problem. I go for a longer shirt length to show the cuff, and an arm band to shorten the longer sleeve.
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