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Have the Mora in suede and I love them. Fit me well and I like the looks of the souble monk strap. They're a good deal if they fit and you enjoy wearing them.
I think most require Calculus I and a Fundamentals of Physics type course, but nothing beyond that. While they may have some other technology laden courses, there is also a lot of "History of Architecture" type classes. I wouldn't put it on the same plane as engineering. Architecture is more art than science.
I have a friend who does the t-shirt and blazer look often. I am not a fan, but he thinks it looks great and he's young enough that it's not horrible. However, I still think an OCBD or other dress shirt with open collar would look better. The t-shirt and jacket look is kind of in vogue right now so go ahead and wear it if you want to, but I don't think it smacks of that timless style.
It's pretty good as far as instant goes. I just don't see the appeal. I don't ever need my coffee so RFN, that I would choose instant over brewing a pot.
The food is nothing to rave about. but it is a great place for a large group of cheap people to eat. It's probably not the restaurant I'd choose to frequent on my own, but in compromizing to go their with friends I have had enjoyable experiences.
I have ordered RMWs through bootsonline and aussiebushhats both were adequate.
Yup, as said Asus pretty much perfected the netbook. I'm typing this on my Asus 1000H which is about a year and half old and has become my everyday goto computer for all purposes. Love it and its easy to take everywhere.
RM Williams. Construction and quality are top notch. Offered in just about any color, style and leather you can imagine. I love mine, and as tempted as I have been to try another maker's offerings I have stuck to RMW for all my chelseas.
It's Miley! Don't really find it a great song, but I can suffer through it without too much discomfort.
I found it entertaining to read through, but no point in following really. Actually after the first several posts it gets somewhat repetitive. My favorite quote though was something about her not settling and she deserves a "millionaire, who's a 9" or something like that.
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