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Looks like they have a kilt too.
Quote: Originally Posted by RangerP Pretty cool. Definitely got a few good ideas from the pics... Thanks for sharing! Same here,actually found the toggle navy cardigan.
Quote: Originally Posted by heavy D I have a secret wash shirt in small, and it's too big, wondering if I should go with xs or that new slim small. The shirt I have fits me well in the shoulders and ok in the chest, but is too baggy in the sleaves and doesn't taper enough on the sides. I actually shrunk it in the wash a bit but still need it slimmer. Thanks! Go to a store and try the xs or slim fit on?
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter I save my seizures for the summer weather CLASSIC
Quote: Originally Posted by downwithianbrown This really didn't seem all that amazing to me. Don't mean to talk shit, all the guys look good, but they're not dressed in any incredibly well done prep/ivy way to make it special. The concept has one layer: "let's take a bunch of black guys and play on take ivy and a predominantly white fashion culture" Not incredibly interesting. Whats so special about prep/ivy? Really they for most part nailed...
I checked it out once, bought a "slim fit" shirt and it still was a tent on me. Even after all talk on SF, i learned hard way. Just bypass it for Brooks Brothers if need be.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bull Whoa - classic leather jacket, but cut almost like a varsity jacket. Me likey. Speaking of varsity jackets for the fall (see how I manage to get off-topic even in my own thread?), I thought this one was dope. Or I was distracted by the "models" in the video. One of the two. Anyway, last off-topic post, to avoid getting relegated to the dungeon that is the "street wear and denim" forum...
Have the grey rained once,heavily, when i was wearing them and they survived.
LOL @ the 32 year old saying you dress to old for her
Quote: Originally Posted by random-adam Sterling knots are fantastic. The benchmark version is made by Tiffany; I'm planning on picking up some from forum affiliate Kent Wang as soon as they come back into stock. Pass it up in favor of waiting for something better. Matching blacks is just shy of impossible. I made this mistake earlier in the year and now have some gorgeous BNWT tux pants that don't go with anything; my only hope is to find a white...
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