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i just joined a new company, and i'll be taking my picture for the corporat website and brochure. the dress code will be a suit. the company's founders are well established and moderately conservative in dress. the company is in the financial services industry. any tips or advice in general? what about any colors or fabrics that may photograph well?
I'm a fan of Rudy's Barbershop and Shorty's Barbershop. Rudy's has more locations (check their website www.rudysbarbershop.com). I just got my hair cut at the Rudy's Silverlake location over the weekend. $21. I haven't been to Shorty's in about 9 months. They're located on Fairfax north of Melrose. When I last went, it was $16 for a haircut. Both of these barbershops cater to a hipsters and the gay community, so you can definitely get something decent and...
I've read about Incotex pants on this site and saw some on Yoox. Do the sizes shown on Yoox directly correspond to U.S. sizes? For example, I saw several pairs that were sized 36, 38, 40, and 42. Do these correspond to US sizes 36, 38, 40, and 42? Since I normally wear a 30 or 31 (depending on cut, brand, etc), would I wear a different Incotex size?
Shoes Received - Black derby and chestnut derby Size - 9 (How can I tell if it's UK or US? I ordered from the U.S. site) Normal Size - US 10 to 10.5 Fit - Width is ok, but lots of heel slippage I'll try some insoles before determining whether I'll sell or return. I still have two pairs in size 9.5 of the semi brogue that I'm waiting for. I'll report on those when I receive them.
Sory for the confusion about the pricing. The 4 shirts cost US $185 including shipping.
I've read about the good value of TM Lewin shirts, so I placed an order for 4 shirts for 100 GBP. Including shipping, my 4 shirts cost $100 U.S. I just received them, and I'm pleasantly surprised--especially since the shirts don't fit like tents. Although I need to return them because the neck is a bit tight, I quite like the cut of the shirt given most RTW/OTR shirts are way too blousy for me. The shirt is cut closer than any other shirt I've purchased in the past,...
Quote: Originally Posted by manifest v Thanks bro. What kind of cuts? I went to NY one time and got made hella fun of for bringing in a picture of a cool messy mohawk at a no-frills barber shop in New York... "This is New Yawk kid, I'mma give you a good cut, trust me!"... they gave me a more neat no-frills buzzed one instead, I was happy and learned my lesson. I still want a more "styled" look though. Shorty's has a primarily gay clientele...
Quote: Originally Posted by manifest v So I've lived in L.A. now for a year and I just recently cut my hair for the first time with a razor (and ended up breaking the motor). I'm gonna chill with my 98% finished buzz cut for a bit (or shave it all off). But once the winter comes along I'm thinking of hitting up a salon. It'll be my first time doing this in L.A. I'm scared though because my filipino hair is thick/wavy and most stylists don't know...
Some of the shirts are $35 each. That seems like a "can't go wrong" price. How's the shrinkage? Will I need to order larger neck and sleeves than I usually wear?
I guess I'll find out if the court in Orange County, CA has good air conditioning. If so, I'll wear a suit and hope to be bounced.
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