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We are just waiting until the British and in deep trouble and desperate. Then we will sweep in and save the day. It's how we roll.
Some serious texture going on there, Derek.
Two words: Justin Bieber.
Roger, as Canada is a large American suburb your fit is going to be appropriated for the USA Team. Thanks for playing!
I felt such patriotic zeal when I saw Clag's fit, only to feel defeated when I saw he sold out his countrymen and joined the other side. A brief bit of hope emerged when I saw that Ping only two-pieced it for this round (not that he doesn't look smashing...).
This works much better than your last round with the jacket. I still say it needs a straight-fold white PS.
Holy buckets...I just clicked on the pic and got to see the close-up of the pattern...that is some amazing, dare I say GROOVY material.
I am still going with the Late 80s/ Early 90s.
I like it Betelgeuse!
Is there a thread for the new challenge yet?
New Posts  All Forums: