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Definitely the first vest...but keep the jacket unbuttoned to show it off!
Buttoning bottom button of suit coat=Automatic fail. That said, this is the best fit I have ever seen from 38R.
Excellent! And congrats!
Is the beard gone for the season?
How about change into Black Tie at the end of the workday?
As Crusty and TTO are proving, nothing trumps a double-breasted vested suit.
I think this should be the challenge once per season. Or at least a SF tradition.
No I was referring to The Church of Suitentology.
Coxsackie is clearly remembering the sabbath and keeping it holy.
Mimo is going to have battle scars for this one. But think of men 100 years ago who would have to dress like that in major heat waves with no air conditioning.
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