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One drawback to both stores is that they have so many matching tie and pocket square combos. It is so hard to select with the variety available. Also: Tie bar, tie tack or both? And should my suspenders match the belt?
I say that's bullshit. Don't look at the clock. It is either a daytime affair or an evening affair. I might look askance at a black tux for a 11am wedding followed by a lunch reception...but having the ceremony at 4:30 leading immediately into a dinner is clearly an evening event. Do not sweat it.Unless of course if you are ImTheGroom and just want an excuse to show off yet another outfit...then by all means...
Yes, but do TODAY'S suits have a reversible vest?!?!?!? It's like getting two suits for the price of one!
So, I have a really big presentation coming up and I need to really shine. So it's time for an upgrade: What do you gents think? Sears or JC Penny? There is no way I am going to go to Mens Wearhouse, too snooty and there is no way I am spending more than $100 for a suit. Sears has that great "Measure Yourself" program, but JC Penny suits can be washed in the kitchen sink with just a touch of Dawn detergent. Here are some of the looks I am going for...trying to...
I think the waist needs a covering, but I prefer a vest to a cummerbund.
I didn't want to start a thread just for a joke...but this Jos A Bank Spoof was on SNL last night: https://screen.yahoo.com/snl-latest-episode/cleaning-product-060323556.html
AAC-your latest fit is daring and bold. However, if I had to look at you doing a presentation or have a meeting with you and was forced to stare at that for an extended period, I would want to smack you upside the head so that you could have a headache too.
As an American, I want to point out that ImTheGroom's entire fit was rented from the Mr. Spiffy Tux Shop and Speedo Emporium at the mall and should be disqualified!!!! (No...I have to tell the truth...the entire fit was gloriously devised by the groom himself....plus, I don't want to start a war with Canada...those dudes never go anywhere without an ax or a hockey stick....)
Oh America....we need to revive our long-lost members Soph, MBrennin and TC....that would send these foreigners back where they belong!
New Posts  All Forums: