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All the ones I have gone to in The Pacific Northwest and Midwest they (were) really dressed to the nines. They get a really generous store discount and then some of the vendors give them a deal on top of that, so they will wear their garments on the sales floor.
I love the tie, eviltimeban!
I guess soon bankers and attorneys will show up for work in khakis and polos...
This is something I have noted on several recent visits. Not just on Black Friday.
No, they were not temps...Nordstrom is way too strict about who they allow on their sales floor. And the salesmen have worked there for years. With all due respect, Nordstrom is not "just a department store." They generally have better selection and service then many high-end, independent men's clothiers.
I was just daring the Black Friday madness at my local Nordstrom and it seems they have really loosened up the dress code for their male salesmen. It used to be almost inevitable that they were better-dressed than 98% of their customers, and it was actually more common than not to see them in MTM or bespoke (frequently three-piece) suits and all the trimmings. The last few times I have been in, some of the men selling suits aren't even wearing ties or jackets. I could...
I suggest another edition of "Fuck You, Casual Friday." The last one really brought out some amazing fits. Again, the name of the game is to wear one's sartorial best on the day when the slobs are dressing down: Three-piece beats two-piece, double-breasted beats single breasted....French cuffs and pocket squares will make the cream of the crop rise to the top.
When the "Fuck You Casual Friday" challenge went down last summer it was suggested to make it a once-a-season event. If you remember, the goal was to dress and slick as possible on a Friday to buck the trend of dressing down and show that you had the nuts to do it. A time to crack out the three-piece, the double-breasted and/ or the pinstripes. If it's going to be seasonal, a Autumn round should be done before Winter sets in.
Butler just threw down.
I am really digging the Autumnal Professor Pand looks. This new phase is almost as intriguing as your Bohemian Executive phase from some years back.
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