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Wow....going out ice skating in a bow tie and fedora. Now that is CLASS!(Too bad you have to waste it on a bunch of Canadians... )
Thanks JRD. You just ruined Christmas. Forever.
Love the new suit ImTheGroom....looks great.
Cool stuff Foxx. That cashmere vest is like a gateway drug to a full three-piece in your future...
Wow Crusty! Will that be your entry for the Challenge this week?
Thanks photon for the info. But several of the casually-dressed salesmen are definitely from the suit department and have worked there for years.
Nordstrom has an extensive Made-to-Measure program, and that is what I have seen some of the longtime salesmen wearing. Maybe it's just the sad fact that Southern California is a sartorial wasteland that causes your local Nordstrom to have low-rent garments? I imagine their shoe department has a wonderful selection of flip-flops though.
The age of the grand department store is truly dying....especially with Macy's taking over so many great regional stores like Dayton's, Marshall Field and Rich's.
All the ones I have gone to in The Pacific Northwest and Midwest they (were) really dressed to the nines. They get a really generous store discount and then some of the vendors give them a deal on top of that, so they will wear their garments on the sales floor.
I love the tie, eviltimeban!
New Posts  All Forums: