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Wow Stictchy.....that is what you wear for a "quiet day at the office?"
I would not risk a wedding suit to mail order. I would go to Brooks Bros and deal with a real life salesperson and try the suit on before purchase.
Nice three-piece ImTheGroom.....is that your latest thrifted jobber? I am afraid to ask what you paid for it....
You are really growing quite a wardrobe ImTheGroom...it's The Power of StyleForum!
Wear a tie you got for Christmas challenge.
Wow....going out ice skating in a bow tie and fedora. Now that is CLASS!(Too bad you have to waste it on a bunch of Canadians... )
Thanks JRD. You just ruined Christmas. Forever.
Love the new suit ImTheGroom....looks great.
Cool stuff Foxx. That cashmere vest is like a gateway drug to a full three-piece in your future...
Wow Crusty! Will that be your entry for the Challenge this week?
New Posts  All Forums: