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Did anyone else lean towards AAS simply for the fact that he wore a full suit for the first time?
Yeah...Pingson seems to be MIA, and you'd think he'd be rocking his three-piece suits this time of year. And if memory serves he has a few ties in the brown section of the spectrum.
Helden, with the weather being what it is in Minneapolis today, I would have assumed you would have gone Full Three Piece today. Or is there a chance that you actually have another jacket/ blazer combo underneath what we can see presented?
Love the new suit Crusty.
Heldentenor- I generally admire your style, but I need to ask: Do you own any full suits at all?
I aqree...go for the matching three-piece. You will find many more uses for it.
Hey! At least I confused you for another spectacular dresser!
Wow Stictchy.....that is what you wear for a "quiet day at the office?"
I would not risk a wedding suit to mail order. I would go to Brooks Bros and deal with a real life salesperson and try the suit on before purchase.
Nice three-piece that your latest thrifted jobber? I am afraid to ask what you paid for it....
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