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Looks classic and solid. A bit hard to get a look at the fit due to the way the shot is composed...but looks quite worthy of the forum.
Hey Wally....meet The Beaver...
Welcome back from hibernation, Pingson!
Did anyone else lean towards AAS simply for the fact that he wore a full suit for the first time?
Yeah...Pingson seems to be MIA, and you'd think he'd be rocking his three-piece suits this time of year. And if memory serves he has a few ties in the brown section of the spectrum.
Helden, with the weather being what it is in Minneapolis today, I would have assumed you would have gone Full Three Piece today. Or is there a chance that you actually have another jacket/ blazer combo underneath what we can see presented?
Love the new suit Crusty.
Heldentenor- I generally admire your style, but I need to ask: Do you own any full suits at all?
I aqree...go for the matching three-piece. You will find many more uses for it.
Hey! At least I confused you for another spectacular dresser!
New Posts  All Forums: