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Yeah...I noticed that. Not too often the guy in the suit gets to be a superhero!
I don't really think so either, but a comic, negative emoticon is a fine response for an established member....but I don't think it is helpful for a newbie. I think when someone is testing the waters here you should either supply supportive, constructive criticism or leave them alone.(Unless the newbie is a blatant, arrogant asshole like that one kid last year who posted disgusting fits and then told us we were "all wrong" when we tried to correct him. Then they deserve...
Look CM, nine hundred and ninety-nine out of a thousand people would look at that first fit and think he looks very polished, put together and professional. Would it survive The StyleForum Groupthink Chamber of Horrors? Of course not. But the guy clearly is focused on dressing his best and is here because he is open to improving...so I'd rather be the person who is positive, encouraging and welcoming as opposed to joining in on a game of "Let's Shit on the Newbie."
Shot is really lousy for assessing the outfit....but I am pretty sure that tie is not going to get a lot of love on this board, I like the boldness of the look...but I can guarantee that others will not. The lighting is making it pretty hard to get a good grasp of the colors as well.
Looks classic and solid. A bit hard to get a look at the fit due to the way the shot is composed...but looks quite worthy of the forum.
Hey Wally....meet The Beaver...
Welcome back from hibernation, Pingson!
Did anyone else lean towards AAS simply for the fact that he wore a full suit for the first time?
Yeah...Pingson seems to be MIA, and you'd think he'd be rocking his three-piece suits this time of year. And if memory serves he has a few ties in the brown section of the spectrum.
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