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You are being quite generous in assuming that he got the socks right.
How are people supposed to know that you are a ruthless, blood-sucking attorney if you don't attire yourself properly in the requisite power suit?
Very natty, and a lot of cool details. Going for some sprezz with the top button of the vest left undone? I guess that is cool, but I always feel it is an insult to the hardworking tailor who worked hard to put the button there.
For Date Night, that is one singular. ricking outfit.
What's even worse: I followed an ad that popped up here on Style Forum!!!
Ok, this is troublesome...has it come to this? https://www.josbankformal.com/menswear/shop/Tuxedo_12001_11550_Jacketless_Promo
Really cool stuff GMMCL.
Generally I would tell a guy to go with purchasing a grey three-piece instead of renting a grey "tux." At least one can get some use out of it post-wedding. I would suggest going with some details that would take it beyond a business suit: Peak lapels, a ticket pocket...and as someone else mentioned a lower-cut vest. And French cuffs, or course!
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