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Consider it an evening wedding, the majority of the event will take place after 6.
On the local level, Lee Goldberg on the NYC ABC station is very impressive.
Muir has seriously lousy tie knots.
Do you actually have a wedding to attend, or are you just showing off? Stunning, in any case.
It's funny...the top guys at each American network get mentioned, except for David Muir. That guy needs a serious fashion intervention.
I say Scott Pelley on The CBS Evening News. http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t80/HarryBristol/ScottPelley03_zps6eefc4f5.jpg
The suit looks spectacular.I am not one for too much tutti-frutti color coordination in wedding clothing. The suit is so classic, it calls for neutral colors...just as your bride in probably going to be in neutral colors. Keep it to shades of grey, maybe even silver. If you really feel you must go with a color, maybe a light blue.
Well said.You were asked to wear a tux. So wear a tux.The bride and groom have enough to worry about without having to deal with this BS. If you are a good friend, you will suck it up and do what all of the other members of the wedding party are doing and not cause them any stress or annoyance.
For a thift-find, it is quite a find! What I want to know, is who would give away that suit?!?!?!
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