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Asking a Troll what they are doing on a board where everyone clearly can't stand them is like asking a sex maniac what they are doing in a Bangkok whorehouse.
Here is a great soundtrack for this thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qcjHLuoSXY&list=PLAA422C11A1F18EBA
Tibor, I am impressed....but not sure about the collar. It does not seem to make as strong a statement as the rest of your retro fit.
Stop picking on the color blind, you big meanie!!!!
Well, you could have named her Electra...and she could have gotten quite a complex.
dbl post
A lot of guys looking like they should be starring in an ad for very expensive cologne.
Eviltimeban: Because of that tie, I now have to throw my monitor in the trash. (hee hee....just kidding...sort of...though I admire you for your nuts of steel for wearing it)
The Immortal Stichy is correct. And if you wear the quite nice SC use a straight-fold white PS (that is Style Forum code for "pocket square") which will give it a nice, clean look and mute the intense pattern a bit. I am saying this in the nicest way I can: Please don't ever wear that tie again.
Cleav really brought it...it is not easy to make a buttoned double-breasted suit look that nice while seated.
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