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Claghorn. Hands down, four-in-hands down...
Wow Stitchy....no tie? And is that blanket your child is swaddled in bespoke? (MAZEL TOV!)
I really like the look.
Holy Buckets, yes!
Come on, you just could not show your face due to Passover laws: For the duration you are limited to unleavened bread and uncanvassed suits.
You win Style Forum for Easter Sunday. Hands down!
Very Kul, Kulata.
Slick and smashing Roger!
Holdfast, I am not a proponent of a Nehru collar to begin with, but it seems especially incongruous with the formality of a pinstripe double-breasted suit.
Or Passover Challenge. Everyone needs to wear a suit with an elastic waistband on the pants for the seder.
New Posts  All Forums: