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Whichever is most expensive of course...
You know, we need a Style Forum pennant. It should of course be a seven-fold silk.
Don't kid yourself. He puts out only so he afford his bespoke wardrobe. He's already decorated the nursery with pennants for a state college so Jr. knows that's what the future holds.
I think the guy would be very impressed with seeing a guy who works with athletes for a living cleaning up so well. I say, all systems go. I can't imagine wearing a business suit to a business meeting without a tie. It might work with a sportcoat and dress pants.
Did you get any more while they were at that price? What a great opportunity.
Looks like a great buy Eviltimeban. Come on...be a pal and tell us how little you paid....
But does that count if they are held together with breakaway velcro?You really must have a very understanding tailor who knows how to keep his mouth shut.
Hard to say without the jacket buttoned. But also, no two suits and no two builds are alike.
I might agree with you, were it a standard waistcoat. However, with the lapels on the waistcoat I think the buttoning point is at an ideal position to complement the second set of lapels.
Travolta's sartorial choices were the least of his problems last night. I don't know what the hell got into Strahan....he is usually quite well-dressed. He must have sold his soul to a designer.
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