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I don't think you could have gone wrong with a white, straight-fold PS with that fit.
I still like the "F$%K You Casual Friday" challenge. Wear the slickest fit possible on a day when the other guys are in khakis and polos.
Claghorn. Hands down, four-in-hands down...
Wow Stitchy....no tie? And is that blanket your child is swaddled in bespoke? (MAZEL TOV!)
I really like the look.
Holy Buckets, yes!
Come on, you just could not show your face due to Passover laws: For the duration you are limited to unleavened bread and uncanvassed suits.
You win Style Forum for Easter Sunday. Hands down!
Very Kul, Kulata.
Slick and smashing Roger!
New Posts  All Forums: