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Holy Buckets, yes!
Come on, you just could not show your face due to Passover laws: For the duration you are limited to unleavened bread and uncanvassed suits.
You win Style Forum for Easter Sunday. Hands down!
Very Kul, Kulata.
Slick and smashing Roger!
Holdfast, I am not a proponent of a Nehru collar to begin with, but it seems especially incongruous with the formality of a pinstripe double-breasted suit.
Or Passover Challenge. Everyone needs to wear a suit with an elastic waistband on the pants for the seder.
Groovy, Mr. Brady! Is the suit vintage or did you have it built to Seventies specifications?
Please, please tell us it was not a skinny tie...please...
I have a suggestion for a future FC that was inspired by Stichy's awesome fit from Friday: "Fuck You, Casual Friday." The rules are to dress as formally, slick and sharp as possible...this is the time to break out the pinstripes, three-piece, double-breasted, French cuffs, pocket squares, etc. And it absolutely has to be worn on Friday, just to prove you have the balls to shove the sartorial glory in the face of khaki-clothed colleagues.
New Posts  All Forums: