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Very natty, and a lot of cool details. Going for some sprezz with the top button of the vest left undone? I guess that is cool, but I always feel it is an insult to the hardworking tailor who worked hard to put the button there.
For Date Night, that is one singular. ricking outfit.
What's even worse: I followed an ad that popped up here on Style Forum!!!
Ok, this is troublesome...has it come to this? https://www.josbankformal.com/menswear/shop/Tuxedo_12001_11550_Jacketless_Promo
Really cool stuff GMMCL.
Generally I would tell a guy to go with purchasing a grey three-piece instead of renting a grey "tux." At least one can get some use out of it post-wedding. I would suggest going with some details that would take it beyond a business suit: Peak lapels, a ticket pocket...and as someone else mentioned a lower-cut vest. And French cuffs, or course!
I never noticed your ink before EViltimeban...gotta love French cuffs over tattoos...
Well done, Crusty! What is the weight on the fabric? How late in the season do you think that can be worn?
Dead-on Coldsalmon. Where has his inspiration been BTW? I don't think I've seen a post in a few weeks.
I don't think you could have gone wrong with a white, straight-fold PS with that fit.
New Posts  All Forums: