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Mimo is going to have battle scars for this one. But think of men 100 years ago who would have to dress like that in major heat waves with no air conditioning.
Crusty has thrown down! Looks like a double flip-off to me!
Extra points if you can prove that a co-worker says to you, "Why are you so dressed up on Casual Friday?" Double extra points if you simply respond with a casual shrug as you elevate your nose.
I have mentioned this before: "Fuck You, Casual Friday" when one wears his best to fight the philistines who insist on dressing in khaki and polos. But the fit has to be actually worn on Friday to fling it in your co-worker's faces. This means crack out the pinstripes, the double-breasted, the three-piece, French cuffs, collar bars and pocket squares....anything to up the ante and say "fuck you" to the masses.
Now that is one sporty sportcoat!
First comes the tab...and then the collar bar...
Very cool Foxx...are the tab collars a phase or an evolution of your personal style?
This is why Ping is in The Hall of SF Immortals: Who else would replace a white tie rig that they own with a better white tie rig? And a self-tie white tie?
ImTheGroom just kicked butt at the last moment.
Hmmm...first one seems more dapper/ elegant...second one seems more show-offy....which can be helpful in a challenge...
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