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I didn't want to start a thread just for a joke...but this Jos A Bank Spoof was on SNL last night: https://screen.yahoo.com/snl-latest-episode/cleaning-product-060323556.html
AAC-your latest fit is daring and bold. However, if I had to look at you doing a presentation or have a meeting with you and was forced to stare at that for an extended period, I would want to smack you upside the head so that you could have a headache too.
As an American, I want to point out that ImTheGroom's entire fit was rented from the Mr. Spiffy Tux Shop and Speedo Emporium at the mall and should be disqualified!!!! (No...I have to tell the truth...the entire fit was gloriously devised by the groom himself....plus, I don't want to start a war with Canada...those dudes never go anywhere without an ax or a hockey stick....)
Oh America....we need to revive our long-lost members Soph, MBrennin and TC....that would send these foreigners back where they belong!
Spoo basically just let the Furriners know that we have perfected the A-Bomb.
The man can have a closet of Tom Ford three-piece suits and ignore them. Thank God for Spoo....because even James Bond needs someone to look up to...
Will Spoo come blasting in bedecked in Tom Ford to pull a D-Day on these bastards?
I would tell you to wear your vintage morning suit, but as an American that would be most unpatriotic...
Roger- On behalf of your neighbors to the south, thank you for not lobbing that weapon at is in this week's challenge.
New Posts  All Forums: