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Looks great MGD83. I am sure your friends appreciate you taking the effort for their wedding.
Here is another way to put it in perspective: If he got a job at Men's Wearhouse and dressed that poorly, even THEY would not allow him on the sales floor (I guarantee it).
Hint: There's no such thing as a Salvation Army Surplus Store.
It's amazing what "interesting" bargains are to be had at The Salvation Army Surplus Store. Or maybe they were pulled out of their dumpster?
Trust me, you do not want to see. Unless you have an appreciation for Oompah Loompah Couture.
No....The Mob never dresses like it was an easy thing to do...
Asking a Troll what they are doing on a board where everyone clearly can't stand them is like asking a sex maniac what they are doing in a Bangkok whorehouse.
Here is a great soundtrack for this thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qcjHLuoSXY&list=PLAA422C11A1F18EBA
Tibor, I am impressed....but not sure about the collar. It does not seem to make as strong a statement as the rest of your retro fit.
Stop picking on the color blind, you big meanie!!!!
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