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It seems very casual and collegiate. Looks like you need a pipe more than a tiki drink.
Stichy are you all new today? That's a great way to flip the bird at Casual Friday!
Is that a new SpooT? 3-piece Spoo Sightings have been rare this season. Looking like the sharpest part of sharp, as usual....
Another thing to keep in mind with a pocket square on a wedding tux is the boutonniere. Make sure they will complement each other and not create too much "traffic" in that part of your outfit.
HeldenTenor: Are you a singer, or is it just a fun name? I was wondering if you were dressing for gigs or for business.
Well, god forbid some slob wears RTW formal wear! What, did his personal tailor DIE or something? Imagine his poor valet having to attend to such sub-standard garments!
You are right, and I removed the unnecessary portion of the comment.
I don't have a beef with you personally as I don't know you. What I have an issue with is your elitism when young men come in here and you focus more on your personal fashion code than what makes sense for the wedding the groom is planning. If a guy dresses at your standards and your level he is not going to need to come here for advice.And if you want to talk about sarcasm and personal attacks, physician-heal thyself! Look at how you just came at me about the Tuxedo...
I think it take a very brave man to admit that the things he posts are idiotic. I am proud of you!I may not have chosen my words well, but the short formal jacket took off on this side of the pond far faster than it did in Europe and it is also used here far more often for weddings.But nothing you or I have ever posted even comes close to Marco's insane ramblings. He is almost making you look like a reasonable fellow. Well, ALMOST.
Oh please! Tell someone on a budget again how they can't possibly rent formal wear and that all of the groomsmen should purchase matching suits! Or once again suggest a silk shirt to a guy who as said that he had a tendency to sweat like you did last week. You are so helpful.
New Posts  All Forums: