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I felt such patriotic zeal when I saw Clag's fit, only to feel defeated when I saw he sold out his countrymen and joined the other side. A brief bit of hope emerged when I saw that Ping only two-pieced it for this round (not that he doesn't look smashing...).
This works much better than your last round with the jacket. I still say it needs a straight-fold white PS.
Holy buckets...I just clicked on the pic and got to see the close-up of the pattern...that is some amazing, dare I say GROOVY material.
I am still going with the Late 80s/ Early 90s.
I like it Betelgeuse!
Is there a thread for the new challenge yet?
GMMcL: If this had been a St. Paddy's Day fit contest, you would have won hands down. Green Windowpane? Holy Shamrocks, Batman!
Congrats on the new, smashing suit Crusty.
Looks like a great week AZwildcat.
Looks great MGD83. I am sure your friends appreciate you taking the effort for their wedding.
New Posts  All Forums: