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I looked at is as sprezz....
Well, to the untrained eye I am sure you looked nice....but the tie screams "business" not "wedding." Live and learn....
What did you pair it with for your wedding? I am always impressed when someone can make a basic suit move seamlessly between business and pleasure.
Amazing of the best I have seen on here in quite a while.
Really stunning. A textbook example of how to wear fine tailoring on a Sunday that is slick and formal, and yet not too businesslike.
It just proves that good taste is timeless, Crusty!
Many tuxedos are worn with coordinating, but not matching waistcoats. (of course you will wear a tasteful one in a shade of black or white...not one covered with confetti, Bugs Bunny or Smurfs...)
A tie-less Crusty? It must be a cold day in Hell, or a HOT day in NYC!!!
Are you a menswear salesman? If so, I would confidently buy from you.
Very nice sir!
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