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For a thift-find, it is quite a find! What I want to know, is who would give away that suit?!?!?!
Great job on the thrifting ImTheGroom!
I agree!
You are a professor...you can wear a bow tie without shame!
It is definitely "outside the lines," but I think it works on a jacket. If it were on a full suit I would have to check the "no" box.
Thanks to Pingson's fits, I can always get a pretty good idea what the weather is in Scandinavia today....
No...that is really what Travolta wore...I think he had his friend Tony from Saturday Night Fever dress him... The shawl collar always just looks so casual to me. I like the peak look. Though I will admit: Chris Pratt looked amazing.
I don't think I have ever seen so many shawl collars in my life. Not my favorite. I would say as usual Bradley Cooper carried the day.
Looks very sharp, and cozy for a Minnesota Winter day. And I really like the way the lapels fit on you.
A whole lotta Americans wearing three pieces today to stay warm!
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