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Agreed. This argument comes up frequently, though it should not. You are either having a daytime event or an evening event-don't get hung up on the exact time that the clock indicates (these standards pre-date Daylight Savings after all).
Was there an actual occasion, or you just wanted to let your formal wear out for a day?
You really hit the jackpot. I swear it's the first time I have ever seen you in a full suit, and you go Full Three-Piece.
Really amazing. So, you now have a perfect morning and evening formal rig. Do you attempt to get onto the diplomatic corps? Or do you sell it to the next groom? This all reminds me of a guy that was on here a few years back "I'mTheGroom." Same thing: He did a daytime ceremony and and evening reception. And went full-on vintage formal wear for both-and also looked spectacular. He linked this article that was written about his dapper accomplishment here,...
You should post more shots of the evening looks sensational. Were both suits purchased, and if so were they bespoke?
Spectacular. Switching from flawless morning wear or evening wear? Sensational!
The King of the Sport Coat will be sporting an actual SUIT? Tell us about it-cut, color, etc? This is news indeed.
That is pretty damn smashing, I must say....
The suit is singularly off-the hook! Amazing look overall....but two SF Nitpicks: I would have gone with a thicker, wider tie to balance the shitkicker lapels, and I think this is a fit that really calls for French cuffs. But to all the mere mortals experiencing this at a party, I am sure you stopped traffic.
Now THAT is a BALLER suit!
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