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Many tuxedos are worn with coordinating, but not matching waistcoats. (of course you will wear a tasteful one in a shade of black or white...not one covered with confetti, Bugs Bunny or Smurfs...)
A tie-less Crusty? It must be a cold day in Hell, or a HOT day in NYC!!!
Are you a menswear salesman? If so, I would confidently buy from you.
Very nice sir!
In case it makes you sick to your stomach, you could always take some Pepto Bismol....
I say marry your girlfriend! (I agree with all the comments made above)
Consider it an evening wedding, the majority of the event will take place after 6.
On the local level, Lee Goldberg on the NYC ABC station is very impressive.
Muir has seriously lousy tie knots.
Do you actually have a wedding to attend, or are you just showing off? Stunning, in any case.
New Posts  All Forums: