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Comfort every time and twice on sunday. The leather soles are pretty unforgiving.
+1. They're cowboy boots. Where their scars with pride.
Hey, that was me. On the internet, even shoe sizes are forever. I'll have to check what I'm wearing now. My view of what fits in RMWs has evolved a bit in 9 years.
Yeah... Was on a business trip. Didn't have any good alternatives. They acquitted themselves fairly well however. Trail is spectacular.
Hey. You guys are in charge here now? Cool.
Thanks. Angel's Landing, Zion National Park, Utah.
Kangaroo Comfort Craftsmen, in Tan Bark, on top of a mountain. They were quite a conversation piece along the way.
Here's some high altitude RMW pron (x-posting in RMW thread too). Atop the Angel's Landing, Zion National Park:
Sup Wes?
Ed! Doc! Empty! All of a sudden it feels like old times...
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