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entire lot is sold pending payment.
my 2nd year roomate from university ended up being my girlfriend for the entire school year...we continued shortly into the summer break and broke it off during the summer. we never saw each other again after, so there was no awkwardness....but in your case, if you continue to live there, i would presume it to be quite difficult after.
The entire lot for $45 shipped.
these retail for $395 as can be seen on the box at nordstrom.
a few inquiries, but all still available.
Two pairs of Canali Suede Loafers. Brand new in the box. Included is the box, shoes, dust bags. They are tan/beige in colour and ribbed. The laces are leather and are dark brown/chocolate in colour. Both pairs have bit of a blue rub mark from the dust bag on the toe and heel. These will certainly come off with a bit of suede cleaner. $130each + $10 for shipping within CONUS and Canada.
Here are some ties I don't want anymore. Some have been worn, some have never been worn. Tags however have been removed from all even if it has been unworn. Even the ones that have been worn would not have seen action for more than 3 times. All of these ties are from when I was younger and wasn't even wearing ties as a necessity. I now have to wear ties everyday and have built a new collection. Shipping will be $5 regardless of quantity. I'm just going to put...
wow, that was fast...i had my eye on a few that you had posted after i bought my first batch.
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