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prolly a 10
say "you're the first girl ive broken up with over the phone. that would be starting now."
if you want "firsts" you gotta go outside the box and not be so vanilla with stuff. just try and put spins on anything you can think doing as a couple, to "one up the typical" [note; must be done in an understanding relationship, not a random girl LOL] i think making out with someone while they not reciprocate, just lay there at take it, and you just go. it's sooooo weird but neat kinda hard too haha, but it was super fun. one sided makeouts ftw
Quote: Originally Posted by SField Absolutely, unless you're one of those insecure losers who beats up kids who do feel like having fun in other ways. I never understood those straight edge kids who basically loved beating the shit out of people who drink and do drugs. thats 'hardline' not edge. anyways, yes you can. i was always one of the craziest kids at a place on the night out. i only "lost it" on halloween (23y.o)
FIH FTW w/ knits. i much prefer knits over silks
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson I do feel though, that the Iraq War and other things that have gone on during Bush's Presidency (and further back into Clinton's) have made us more vulnerable as a country and also more despised in certain nefarious regions of the world. agree. Quote: Originally Posted by dopey As for the second question, it seems that if the hate for the US has risen, we should have expected more...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton You are the worst piece of shit on this forum. Seriously, fuck off. I'm sure the Internet is full of forums where assholes like you can engage in anti-American circle jerks. Go, and have fun. Albeit his reply is said in jest, your reply is not warranted. IF it was found to be true, there's No reason why he couldn't be right. That was a HUGE reason of going into iraq. You sound like the type of person to get...
with the weather getting colder, i've been getting lazy and fat and i'm down from my fun 16k's to 7k... wth so sad... i also need new running shoes. got a gov't cheque for $92 recently so i'll funnel that money to shoes
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 what always works for me is when i feel uncomfortable i will tell the person. ill go "im sorry im socially awkward and im kind of uncomfortable right now. if im acting wierd im sorry." they will usually love you for your honesty. or if youre trying to get a girl, you say, im sorry im kind of shy around girls. i have never had a real girlfriend and i think i may have stained my pants just by talking to you. honesty is the...
they are loose-fitting, black poly, dress pants i bought at a thrift store for $5. i should have mentioned.
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