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Did you commission a suit from Oh?
They're a friendly bunch and seemed to really know what they were doing. I can't really compare it to PJT as I haven't been there. This was my first experience getting anything properly MTM. Wondering now whether they do casual shirts...
Pics will follow at some point - though I do love it, I am a little concerned that people will nitpick it in some way!With the sports coat, I did get it in the dark navy. Nothing too flash; the pockets are flap pockets though I did consider patch pockets. I also got a 'natural shoulder' originally but they put in a small amount of padding after the first fitting.Have you been to Oscar Hunt before?
Picked up a suit (and cotton sports coat) from Oscar Hunt today for my upcoming wedding. It's nice.
So the size in Loake (e.g., Aldwych) is pretty comparable to your sizing in C&J?I'm going to Hawaii soon so might check out Leather Soul there, and may pick up some Aldens or at least try some on for sizing to buy at a later stage.
Not my usual sort of thing (I love the ruggedness of my filson), but I really dig that bag.
Does it matter how people perceive you at work? I'd argue it does. It doesn't matter what Joe Bloggs thinks of you on the street, but what people think of you at work can change how they interact with you, what opportunities might come up, how they rate you or whether they like you...In an ideal world it wouldn't matter. Unfortunately at work you somewhat have to dress for others, not just yourself.
I'd say if you started wearing a pocket square around places I tend to work (universities), people will judge harshly. Just wearing a very nice suit would probably raise eyebrows, potentially sometimes in a good way though, but wearing a PS I think would take things a bit too far. Should they not care? Probably. Would they care? Potentially.
Hmm...no thanks...
Loving my Filson 257 in brown. I've had it ~a year and it's starting to fade slightly and have more contrast between the canvas and the leather straps. So glad I bought one.
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