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I'm looking out for a 257 in brown on discount - revolve comes the closest with free shipping + the discount for first time orders... but they don't have brown =\
Do you make up a diluted solution in a separate bottle or just make it up in a cup each wash? How much do you apply per go?
Was about to get a 257 from revolve with their 30 percent first order deal and free shipping to aus. However I noticed they don't have he colour I want - brown. Is there anywhere with comparable price including shipping to Australia that would have the 257 in brown? Works out to about 200 shipped to Melbourne....
Does it make your hair more curly? Either way I got the soap and hair rinse. We will see how it goes. Do you dilute it per the Instructions on the bottle or just put the rinse directly on?
Have you got a pic of your hair now? I might pick up this Bronner stuff after work today and start using it instead of my head and shoulders shampoo + redken conditioner - would the redken conditioner be fine and the problem mostly be the shampoo? I think the Ewan Mcgregor hair above might well be mostly due to really healthy hair, whereas mine could do with a different regimen to make healthy.
How would I get my hair looking like this: From this: I find my hair to be quite dry, even using redken finish up conditioner. In the pic i'm using a little uppercut matte clay and a tiny bit of american crew pomade. I find even if I try hard to make my hair somewhat neat it comes out looking dry, a little crunchy, a little unkempt etc. I've tried different kinds of product (pomade, matt clay, texturising gum, lightweight pomade, fibre, gelwax etc) and it usually...
Looking for an Oliver spencer 'lookout' coat. Preferably in navy or another dark color. Size m (I think...). Anyone want to sell one? Or know where to get one on the net (most places online sold out...)
What exact sunglasses is Fassbender wearing in the above pictures? Looks like the rayban clubmaster, except it isn't. Just a similar style... Any ideas what it could be?
Quote: Originally Posted by horse's_ass what an absurd offer. i mean, jesus christ, more than 100 dollars below the asking price NOT including shipping a 10 lb coat across the fucking world. Wow, way to blow your top over nothing. It was an 'offer' - testing the waters. Calm the hell down mate.
350 for belstaff shipped to Australia?
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