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Payment sent on #16
pm sent on creamish glen plaid 100% silk tie
payment sent on #39 & 54. Thanks.
pm on #39 & 54
PM'd on Boglioli SC
PM sent on the Shell Hanover 8D.
Quote: Originally Posted by Why? Can't new users join with adequate wardrobes already? Who says all tenured members have excessive clothing? I think generosity such as VintageGent's should be directed to active contributors, regardless of how long they've been members. Hawaiibiker has been a member for over 2 years. As I mentioned, I have no problems if OP wants to send the items to more "active members." I was simply expressing...
Quote: Originally Posted by Wow, 19 whole posts between the 2 of you. Quote: Originally Posted by drbaw I'm the stoic and silent type. But fair enough. If the OP would rather give the suit to a more prolific poster then I certainly wouldn't complain. Same here ... as I said, no immediate need so if someone really needs it then would be happy to see it go to them. If OP feels it's better to go to a...
Wow, how generous ... the 42-44 midnight blue suit sounds amazing! Don't have an immediate need for it but would love to have it ;-)
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