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I'm bummed that the Daltrey will no longer have the goat suede elbow patches. I loved them! I picked up the oatmeal wool/cash and olive multi tattersall last year. Two of my favorite jackets by far! Maybe, I'll have to go for the trio of elbow patch goodness if that heavyweight navy ever gets cleared out
Totally bummed about the discontinuation of the MTO shirt program! I actually had just received my previous MTO shirt yesterday and liked it so much I hopped on to order a button down oxford popover to no avail! Do you guys think you might do a button down version of the popover this year?
I spoke with Outlier today, and they said the pocket is functional. FSC sewed the thing down really, really tight though. They actually did something with the pocket to a different specification then Outlier wanted--so they asked I send it back to them so they could open it and do a "treatment" on the pocket. I'm not sure what that means, but they offered to overnight it back to me free.
Faux pocket. Lame.
I own tons of Outlier--mostly pants and outerwear and I love it all. I just received the FSC blazer, great fit and cool fabric. But, one HUGE problem. Breast pocket is for show and not actually a functional pocket. Complete deal breaker for something worth 1K. It goes back tomorrow. Highly disappointed in this and in Outlier.
Does anyone know when the factory finds trousers from December will ship out?
Hey guys, I'm looking for an Ultimate Indy Boot in CXL. Commando Sole is a must. Does anyone know who stocks and/or restocks one regularly other than LS (already contacted them)? Thanks for any help!
The hunting jackets and Skyliner are now on eBay.
I just got the walts in grape flannel. Great, great fabric! What color shoes do you guys wear with them though? I have a pair of Alden Ravello shell that I thought would look great--but they look a little funky when I tried them on. Color 8? Black? Cigar? Ruby shell by Carmina?
Maybe it is because the Unionmade makeup is a boot? I don't know other than to say I feel a definite difference in how they fit. I don't know how else to explain it.
New Posts  All Forums: