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Yeah, I don't like that Air Forged vest at all. Weak effort compared to last year.
Well I decided to list the Crescent Down Works x Unionmade Indigo down shirt. I hope someone hear can wear the shit out of it! Also, seconded that the Montagne parka will not keep you warm on a cold day. You'd need to layer significantly.
I definitely want to get in on that Fall fit pic contest....win a pair of Vass...wow.
Crescent Down Works x Unionmade Indigo Down shirt purchased last Fall from Unionmade. This is a one of a kind piece, and indigo canvas w/ red and white selvedge from Cone Mills. I paid almost $600 for this. I've owned/tried on the down shirt in M, L and XL. This is the XL (because the shoulder and sleeves were too tight on the large), but I had my tailor bring in the body at the side seams to have it fit more like a large. He did a really fantastic job. This will fit...
Looks like the mink trousers in sienna brown are gone. Damn!
I'm not going to discount your story, David, but I disagree with you about Outlier not having a flexible return policy. In my opinion, Outlier has the most flexible return policy of anyone I've purchased from.
The Harris Tweed overcoat is sick!
I have the Unionmade x CDW down shirt it is fantastic, but not great for the wet Oregon winter. Thinking about b&s, but PM if you are interested for details.
How do you recommend washing the Mission Workshop x Taylor Stitch Dearborn shirt from last year?
All of these have been worn lightly, with the exception of the Post O'alls flannel which has been worn a ton and shows some wear--but, with a lot of life left. I'll get measurements up later today--but they are all basically the same size. I just want to unload them--I could probably sell them for more. Taylor Stitch x Fair Ends Glacier shirt. Chambray stripe 42 SOLD Post O'alls Exploded Check Flannel, size Large SOLD Engineered Garments 19th century button down in...
New Posts  All Forums: