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Down shirt fits really weird. Super tight in the arms, but somewhat baggy in the body. I'm normally a large in most things. I have the down shirt in XL, and it fits perfect in shoulders and arms, but was way too big in the body. My tailor was able to work a miracle and actually bring in the sides though.
How is the softness of the watch cap? You prefer long or short?
That Hypercity was my return. Honestly, not impressed--and it is a very short pack, so if you have a long torso forget about it. I returned it and bought the Hyperlite Windrider for 100 bucks cheaper.
Those definitely look it. Supermarine cotton....but Made in China. Blah.
I popped on the site to see what was left in the sale section and came across a pair of the #8 alt wien's back in stock in a 10.5. I'm glad I popped on when I did...
Would you guys suggest washing the butterscotch canvas trousers before hemming? Everything I seem to be reading about other similar fabrics is it will shrink 1-2 inches in length.
I'm bummed that the Daltrey will no longer have the goat suede elbow patches. I loved them! I picked up the oatmeal wool/cash and olive multi tattersall last year. Two of my favorite jackets by far! Maybe, I'll have to go for the trio of elbow patch goodness if that heavyweight navy ever gets cleared out
Totally bummed about the discontinuation of the MTO shirt program! I actually had just received my previous MTO shirt yesterday and liked it so much I hopped on to order a button down oxford popover to no avail! Do you guys think you might do a button down version of the popover this year?
I spoke with Outlier today, and they said the pocket is functional. FSC sewed the thing down really, really tight though. They actually did something with the pocket to a different specification then Outlier wanted--so they asked I send it back to them so they could open it and do a "treatment" on the pocket. I'm not sure what that means, but they offered to overnight it back to me free.
New Posts  All Forums: