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Awesome, I was actually only thinking of the jacket with a super 120's pant so that is good news.
Also, I agree--I think the patches look great. I've been going back and forth about having the patches removed on the Oatmeal tattersall because of the lightness of the fabric--but, for the heavier jackets I think it looks fantastic.
My assumption is that it is very similar in weight to the olive multi tweed. That jacket is a tank. I could only find one pic of it in the wild in this thread. It's too bad, because that jacket is great. I'll have to snap a pic the next time I wear it.
Do any of you guys who have the super 120's navy jackets (single or double breasted) wear those jackets as orphaned suit jackets with odd colored trousers? How does it look? What type of fabrics do you wear for the trousers? Super 120's as well? It's easy to do that with the hopsack navy jackets, but I am on the fence if it'd be as easy to do with one of the super 120's.
[[SPOILER]] I've admired that heavyweight Daltrey for a long time--and have almost pulled the trigger now that it's discounted. I already own the Olive Multi Harris Tweed and Oatmeal Tattersall Daltrey's from last year. I can't decide if that's too much elbow patch or if I'd just be ahead of the curve
I think that's what I'm worried about. I do want a bit more room in the leg on the pair I order.
I know this has been discussed ad nauseam in this thread, but thinking of doing MTO rivets. I've never worn rivets--only walts and rudys. I wear a 34 in those--but, thigh is borderline too tight (In fact, I've had several of my 34 walts let out in the thigh and I think going forward I'm definitely a Rudy guy). I was thinking of doing Rivet's in a 35. I hesitate to go two full sizes up to the 36 (even though I can have the waist taken in). Has anyone gone with a 35 in the...
Was able to wear my salt and pepper tweed suit for the first time this fall. I love days like today. Striped oxford shirt as well.
I must have missed this, but this is a bummer for me too. The whole reason I looked forward to Epaulet MTO shirts was custom neck and sleeve size.
I wear a medium in the down vest, and I'm am easy L/XL in the down shirt. Sleeves are tight!
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