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^^Some of my absolute favorite submissions so far. That purple knit tie is so sharp.
Honestly, the home collection is something I really don't have any interest in. I know Outlier mentioned they were gonna have a release for the holidays real soon and I'm pretty disappointed by this. I was hoping for gloves or scarves. I have read interviews with Abe and Tyler and they didn't really set out to be a clothing company--they are more about design. I think they have mentioned that who knows if Outlier will still be clothing in 10-15 years. If this is a...
Does anyone have a Liberated Wool Peacoat they would like to sell? I was hoping Outlier would make one this year, but they chose not to.
Whether it's for hype or not, I can't say. What limited runs do allow them to do is sell out quickly, therefore, reaffirming their belief that there is no need for them to mark stuff down. Honestly, what they do makes sense.
I checked as soon as I got the e-mail. Something is fishy about it. I don't think they had anything in stock...
...and sizes are pretty much non existent for all items....
Just received the slim dungs in 34. Perfect fit for the most part. A little baggy in the ass--but, waist, thighs and everywhere else fit well. They are a little more tapered from the knee down compared to my OG's--and I wear a 33 in those. For reference I typically wear a 32-33 in most denim.
I'll guess I'll have to pick up some Fall gear. I have so much Epaulet Fall stuff that I've purchased over the last year--but, nothing from September on
Well I have two pairs of 34's coming my way so I will let you know. BTW, I'm a 32 in 501's and wear a 33 in the OG.
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