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Decided to take the plunge with the chocolate check. Awesome fabric. Decided to go one down from my OTR 42 (always have needed quite a bit of tailoring) I usually order and go with a 41. Hope it works!
Saw a Baby Camel Hair sport coat in Australia in my size show up on eBay last night for $170. Couldn't resist. Thanks to whoever listed it!
This was a really cool collaboration that was a one time only deal last spring. You can read all about it here: "Sport coats were once highly functional garments, a man would own two, one for use six days a week and one for Sunday use only. This ain't no Sunday suit, with the 60/30 FSC Blazer we're bringing those every day roots back into the 21st Century. Handmade in Freemans Sporting Club Bespoke Studio and sewn...
I've had this for about 4 years, have worn it quite often. It is an amazing vest. However, it has always been a bit small on me--and I decided to pick up the same vest in size Large. Best for a 40. Definitely shows patina on the snaps and leather, and some wear on the fabric and seems. I tried to capture this in the pictures. Tons of life left. I've priced it pretty low because I want to move it quick.
Anyone interested in the Outlier x Freeman's Sporting Club 60/30 blazer in Navy/Gray Sz 40? PM me.
Hey Mike, The new Epaulet XL shirt is perfect. The drop from the 17" neck to 16.5 is exactly what I needed. Which shirts in stock currently have this adjustment? I picked up the university stripe OCBD. What about the regular white and blue OCBD's?
Hey Mike, Any chance of being able to do a special order of a sport coat in this fabric. You offered it about a year ago in the FF.
This is off topic, but if anyone has a Navy Melton Daltrey in size 42 that they want to get rid of, shoot me a PM. I always wanted that jacket.
Not my auction... insane BIN on eBay for a purple harris tweed southwick jacket in 40R. Some people have been bidding on it, but honestly, the BIN price is so good I couldn't help but share it here. I hope someone on the forum picks it up.
That jacket looks great with almost any brown pant. I'm excited to pair it with the sienna brown wool/cash/mink
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