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Not my auction... insane BIN on eBay for a purple harris tweed southwick jacket in 40R. Some people have been bidding on it, but honestly, the BIN price is so good I couldn't help but share it here. I hope someone on the forum picks it up. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Epaulet-NY-Tweed-Sport-Coat-/221382315747?pt=US_CSA_MC_Blazers_Sport_Coats&hash=item338b6a0ee3
That jacket looks great with almost any brown pant. I'm excited to pair it with the sienna brown wool/cash/mink
Sold thanks.
That's one of my favorite sport coats. What trousers are those?
There is some good stuff that doesn't pop up often on eBay for Outlier right now. Double fine merino cardi and climbers. Not my size or I'd be bidding.
Just received the Rudy Wool/Cash/Mink. Unreal hand. They really are the greatest heavyweight trouser of all time. Hey Mike, can you do special Rudy orders of the in stock salt and pepper tweed?
Never been worn out, but they have been hemmed--I love the fabric, but the fit is just a little bit off on me compared to my other Walts and Rudys. Buyer please pay for the Paypal fee. Shipping in CONUS is included in the sale price. Nori Green Walt size 34. SOLD Measurements: Waist - 17 Rise - 12.5 Thigh - 12.5 Inseam - 31" (no break on me, there is about 2.5" room to let out) Leg opening - 8
Price Drop
Are the Ashland cutaway collars the same as the in house Epaulet line? Or is the cutaway a little less severe?
Thanks for the reply
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