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Well done, I've been sitting on it for 2 days after picking up the wool/cash brown and you made the decision easy for me.
Patiently waiting on the corduroy
Decided to take the plunge with the chocolate check. Awesome fabric. Decided to go one down from my OTR 42 (always have needed quite a bit of tailoring) I usually order and go with a 41. Hope it works!
Saw a Baby Camel Hair sport coat in Australia in my size show up on eBay last night for $170. Couldn't resist. Thanks to whoever listed it!
This was a really cool collaboration that was a one time only deal last spring. You can read all about it here: http://shop.outlier.cc/shop/retail/freemansblazer.html "Sport coats were once highly functional garments, a man would own two, one for use six days a week and one for Sunday use only. This ain't no Sunday suit, with the 60/30 FSC Blazer we're bringing those every day roots back into the 21st Century. Handmade in Freemans Sporting Club Bespoke Studio and sewn...
I've had this for about 4 years, have worn it quite often. It is an amazing vest. However, it has always been a bit small on me--and I decided to pick up the same vest in size Large. Best for a 40. Definitely shows patina on the snaps and leather, and some wear on the fabric and seems. I tried to capture this in the pictures. Tons of life left. I've priced it pretty low because I want to move it quick.
Anyone interested in the Outlier x Freeman's Sporting Club 60/30 blazer in Navy/Gray Sz 40? PM me.
Hey Mike, The new Epaulet XL shirt is perfect. The drop from the 17" neck to 16.5 is exactly what I needed. Which shirts in stock currently have this adjustment? I picked up the university stripe OCBD. What about the regular white and blue OCBD's?
Hey Mike, Any chance of being able to do a special order of a sport coat in this fabric. You offered it about a year ago in the FF. http://flic.kr/p/dP9DuH
This is off topic, but if anyone has a Navy Melton Daltrey in size 42 that they want to get rid of, shoot me a PM. I always wanted that jacket.
New Posts  All Forums: