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Price Drop
Are the Ashland cutaway collars the same as the in house Epaulet line? Or is the cutaway a little less severe?
Thanks for the reply
Great, thank you.
Yeah, I actually was going to go to Sylvan to try to have this done. I read great reviews about him--glad to hear you feel the same. I've been going to Kim's Tailor shop over in Cedar Hills.
Both trousers have never been worn out, but they have been hemmed--I love the fabric on both, but the fit is just a little bit off on me compared to my other Walts and Rudys. Buyer please pay for the Paypal fee. Shipping in CONUS is included in the sale price. Grape Flannel. 1 3/4 inch cuffs. SOLD Measurements: Waist - 17 Rise - 12.5" Thigh - 12.5 Inseam - 31 with 1.75 cuffs (there is material to let out) Leg opening - 8 Dove Grey Hopsack. No cuffs....
Hey guys, I have a tailoring question for you. All of my Epaulet sport coats fit well in the shoulders and chest, but I have bunching to varying degrees in the back of the collar on all of them. Looks like this: Is this really as easy a fix as the description says? Have any of you guys had your tailor "lower the collar"? My tailor is above average IMO, but he won't touch it. He says it can't be done.
Congrats Mike and Adele! She's beautiful
Is the Gitman cutaway collar the same as the regular stock cutaway? Just curious, why not a spread type collar available?
Damn! I just added the Moss Windowpane Daltrey to my cart and when I went to check out it had disappeared!
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