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Really crappy washed out photo...but it was an all epaulet day. Navy Caine Navy Microcheck MTO Rudy Brown nailhead Alden alt wiens
In case you were wondering what the MTO keystone sartorial cutaway collar looks like. Caine in navy hopsack MTO keystone fit in navy pinstripe Not pictured - Dove gray hopsack trousers Trying to channel my inner Seahawk.
That racing green flannel is great. I have the sport coats, shirts, and shoes to match. But, what color tie would you guys wear with those pants? I'm struggling with ideas.
When is the "popover" hidden placket oxford going to drop?
Both of these shirts have been lightly worn and laundered. The white shirt was dry cleaned. This is the Navy micro stripe which is currently on the website and a white broadcloth I think. I am just a size XL. $60 each or $110 for both. Please include the paypal fee, but shipping is free CONUS. Measurements are on the Epaulet website.
What's the timeline for the EPLA sport coat? Sounds awesome!
What's the fit in the bedfords this season? I'm going to date myself--but, last I bought a bedford was in FW 2008. Then, they ran TTS and I was a large. However, I remember in at least 2010, 0r 2011 they shrank a size basically. Any ideas?
Maybe, I'd be surprised if cord went that quick. Excited to see it though!
It was up briefly on the site, but no pictures of swatches. It appears the two colors are olive-ish green and a dark gray that is almost navy.
You guys mentioned some corduroy Napoli's last week--are those going to go up soon?
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