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Alright guys, looking for some input. I got the FF olive corduroy blazer today. Fabric is really luxe and has a sheen to it. When I ordered it, I had planned to sew on some goat suede elbow patches that I took off another Epaulet sport coat of mine. After getting the blazer, I'm not so sure. Here is a pic of the patch on the fabric. Thoughts? Yay or nay? Mike?
Sorry, these sold long ago.
All this factory find goodness. Should be any day until FF sportcoats ship. The anticipation!
Been traveling for a few days and missed the last few pages. Man the cordovan trainers look great!
You all know the deal on these two jackets. I'll have my pictures up tonight and measurements. I love them, but simply need the $$ more. Oatmeal Tattersall Daltrey size 42. Worn once. I did have the sleeves lengthened and the stomach nipped in a little bit. Loro Piana Baby Camel hair size 42. Weller shape. Unaltered and unworn. $250 for each. This does not include the paypal fee.
Hey Mike--any thoughts of doing an Innsbruck Indy in Snuff Suede? That'd be killer.
Trying something completely different today. Going with the dove gray hopsack MTO sportcoat without the matching pants. Dove Gray hopsack sportcoat Golden hopsack FF Rudy Ashland blue herringbone button down Alden snuff suede (via Epaulet)
Really crappy washed out photo...but it was an all epaulet day. Navy Caine Navy Microcheck MTO Rudy Brown nailhead Alden alt wiens
In case you were wondering what the MTO keystone sartorial cutaway collar looks like. Caine in navy hopsack MTO keystone fit in navy pinstripe Not pictured - Dove gray hopsack trousers Trying to channel my inner Seahawk.
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