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@Rob Thanks! Snagged the grenadine and the woodhouse denim tweed from Fall!
Rob, Navy grenadine gone? Irish navy linen?
Please include the paypal fee, 4 bucks for shipping in the US. Contact me me if you are an international buyer. $25 for everything, $20 a piece if you buy more than one. From left to right: Alexander Olch Wool Red/Navy Stripe: 2 and 3/4 at widest point General Knot Wool Burgundy and other colors: 2 7/8 at widest point Epaulet Hounds Wool Purple: 3" at widest Pierrepont Hicks Green Wool: 3" General Knot flower cotton: 2 7/8 Alexander Olch slubby blue cotton: 2...
Measurements will be up at some point today. Please include the Paypal fee with your purchase and shipping is $10 anywhere in the US--please contact me about international shipping. All of them are stock 42 measurements--unless otherwise noted. Navy Hopsack Caine size 42, it has had the sleeves lengthened, but this is an easy fix if you have shorter arms: $175 Oatmeal Wool Cashmere Tattersall Daltrey size 42, sleeves lengthened and elbow patches removed. I can include...
Cross post fTom YHNT. All Epaulet (oatmeal tattersall, gitman Ashland, gray hopsack) Alden cigar Yellow Hook Terroni
First day back at school and decided to rock the Terroni. Jacket and shirt are both Epaulet. Thanks Rob!
Pumped! Picked up the last terroni. This is my first YHNT. Hope it's not a can of worms
Almost an all Epaulet day. Baby Camel Hair Gitman MTO Purple knit Wool/Cash Mink in Brown Alden Ravello
^^ I haven't received the brown check wool/cash yet.
Alright guys, looking for some input. I got the FF olive corduroy blazer today. Fabric is really luxe and has a sheen to it. When I ordered it, I had planned to sew on some goat suede elbow patches that I took off another Epaulet sport coat of mine. After getting the blazer, I'm not so sure. Here is a pic of the patch on the fabric. Thoughts? Yay or nay? Mike?
New Posts  All Forums: