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Quote: Originally Posted by dave_c Hi, the contact us form is working. Direct email to sales@moderntailor.com is also working. Send me a PM or reply here with the Order # and i'll get back to you. regards, Quote: Originally Posted by moderntailoremma Hi there wonky Saw your pm on jan 10th but didn't reply bec I saw the exact message on queue on sales@moderntailor.com I knew ur issue was being assessed already when I...
Quote: Originally Posted by MadTxn I'm not sure that form works. I've had success emailing them at sales@moderntailor.com. Thanks. I've sent an email to sales@moderntailor.com. Hopefully they'll respond. Why the hell would they have that form if it doesn't even work??
Is the entire Modern Tailor customer service department on vacation? I sent Emma a PM on Monday as there was a problem with my order but she hasn't even acknowledged my message yet. Then a couple days later, I submitted my complaint using the Contact Us page on the MT website but still haven't heard anything from them even though they are "committed to replying to all questions within 24 hours."
I want to order a shirt but I am never at home during the day, and I don't want it shipped to my office. Usually when I order other things and am not home when it comes, they will drop it off at the nearest post office for me to pickup after work. Does Modern Tailor do the same?
How are DKNY slim fits?
How are Indochino dress shirts?
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