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Yeah, sucked balls. He was only two years older than me, had a beautiful wife and a kid who idolized him, had his shit together, basically said fuck the legal profession and moved to Thailand to help his buddy with a diving business. One of those deaths where you're like "wow, there are so many people that should have happened to instead."
Thanks, I like your new pinup. I'm a big fan of both Sailor Jerry and pinups in general.
I have no idea what your state or local body mod laws are like - I seem to remember NYC getting kind of peppery about tattoo shops a while back - but anyone who can do relatively precise scarification would presumably be able to physically remove a small tattoo without undue hassle as long as it's legal where you're at. (It's honestly not that bad at all, the big thing was just keeping it clean while it healed and avoiding bloodstains on my dress shirts.)dron, one of my...
Just ordered Nudies Slim Jims 31x32 in organic dry dark as my fat loss transition jeans. Once the fat's off, will probably reward self with a nice pair of Iron Hearts.
It was done by a friend in the body modification industry who's done flesh removal and scarification in the past and who I trusted to scrupulously observe any appropriate antiseptic measures. (Not trying to be deliberately cryptic, it's just not something that's legal to do on a professional basis here, and even though he was doing it for free, don't want to potentially cause him any issues. )
Here's what it looks like right now, however many months later:The pain was not bad. Scalpel, so the incision didn't hurt at all. Used standard sterile protocol for any professional body mod. No anesthetic, no booze. Some discomfort when the tattoo got filleted out, but nothing significant. Lots of blood, though. My girlfriend nearly barfed as she watched.It hurt more as it healed, but again, not bad. Took a few months, and it seems to be getting lighter all the...
I don't have a lot of pics of myself, and even fewer in which you can really see my tattoos; here are a couple (I think my gf edited them and put them on Instagram): This one is from when I got my upper leg tattooed last year, again edited (obviously didn't wear nice clothes to get covered with blood): These next four show the process of getting a tattoo of my ex-wife's name removed the quick way: Who needs lasers when you have razors?
I started listening to jazz maybe a year, year and a half ago and have turned into a total jazz butthole.
Thanks, I didn't get like orca-fat but definitely higher than I should be.
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