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I have a pair of those common projects and they are quite possibly my favorite pair of shoes...though they are falling apart after 6+ years.
Only size IV, need a V
Does anyone know where I can get a Conservation coat in camel or desert in size V?
If i'm a 10.5 in the sport trainers, what size would I be in the new chelsea boots?
Is wine the same as burgundy?
Any peacoat restock?
Same size on these as the salt washed Somelos oxfords? Those fit great in a large, but the sleeves are a bit short. The NE seersucker oxford in a large is a smidge tight, but the sleeve length is perfect.
Any word on the last of the Hertling EFF trousers?
Is this still happening?
Did the New England Seersucker shirts make up smaller than typical?
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