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Which loopwheeled sweater is longest in the body after a wash? Thanks
How heavy is that brembana navy chambray? Summer weight fabric?
How heavy is that brembana navy chambray? Summer weight fabric?
The iconic Wings and Horns Award jacket in the black on black colorway. Size Medium Excellent condition, nonsmoking home. 300 plus fees shipped, payment accepted through Paypal.
Im about to send in my first order, using custom measurements based off of this shirt. Do you guys have any suggestions for alterations to the measurements? I am already going to have the body lengthened 1.5 inches and I think add .75 inches to the collar. The back does get a little bit tight when I move both arms forward, would the solution be to increase the yoke?
Is there a website that has a good chart for figuring out how many yards of fabric go into a particular item of clothing? I am interested in getting a M-65 made, but I can't figure out how many yards of fabric I need to source.
Whats the average time from order placement to the item being received for most people?
Any issue with single pleated pants for a suit? I keep finding great suits on ebay but the pants always inevitably end up being a single pleat (Brooks Brothers). Edit: I am aware that flat front is in vogue, but for a work/professional suit would a single pleat look dated?
Any idea on the timeline for the mink tie?
That charcoal.....
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