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How would the merino coat fair in a CT winter?
Goldman (and the vast majority of the major investment banks) are paying analysts 85k base.
Does Unionmade's sale get any lower?
Wonderful tan suede loafers from Rancourt. The perfect summer shoe, but a bit too tight for my wide feet. Bought off the forum earlier this month and I wish they worked out. Only worn inside by me, and by the appearances of the soles, the previous owner as well. Price is before paypal fees and shipping within the US will be covered.
Who would you trust in NYC to taper a pair of 30BSPs?
So awesome...every fit you do reminds me of Bladerunner, in the best way.
@avsmusic1 What are the loafers?
Have you ever considered making a more casual leather shoe? Like a blucher, boat shoe, or loafer?
I'm a little bit older than most college students, so there is that. And a lot of it comes down to priorities--both my wife and I have a keen appreciation of aesthetics and have no desire to live in a space that isn't beautiful. We don't really vacation and our most extravagant meals are the ones we cook at home. It also helps when you have been collecting pieces you enjoy since eighteen, though some of the pieces that are going into the house are pieces from my wife's...
It was code for something cheaper...though I think what we are going to end up doing is just getting some of the DWR Tolix knock-offs and then saving to buy a set of nice chairs. I really like the Prouve SP, but it sucks being a college student.
New Posts  All Forums: