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Any update on winter jackets?
What is the difference between the Memory and Merino?
With the price it looked really attractive, but I need something water resistant. Oh well.
Stupid question, but is the linen cameraman waterproof?
Holy fuck. So, Mike from @epaulet made army trainers out of stingray. These are...really nice. I'm not kidding. Forget #margiela, you want #epaulet. Seriously. #styleforum #menswear #epaulet #nerdalert A photo posted by SF (@styleforum) on Aug 20, 2015 at 7:09pm PDT
@LA Guy Do you have pics of the pants?
Why don't you get a pair made by Luxire?
Nothing like waiting for your package and then having the Fedex tracker tell you that delivery was attempted unsuccessfully....to the wrong house.
What is the price difference between a Nakashima commission and buying a piece at auction or the secondary market?
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