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Holy crap....just so happens to coincide with my first trip to nyc...so yeah Ill be there.
Who is the first Wings and Horns stockist to deep discount stuff? There are a few things in this current season that I want to get.
Nom De Guerre light grey jeans. I bought them and they are just too tight in the thighs for me. Super soft denim in an awesome grey that you wont find on another pair of jeans. Price includes shipping.
Maybe the best Wings + Horns piece ever. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Wings-Horns-Melton-Wool-and-Leather-Varsity-Jacket-Large-NEW-WITH-TAGS-/261600796024?pt=US_CSA_MC_Outerwear&hash=item3ce89f5d78
What is the best place to find a Nomad?
The pair in the middle.
I had that jil sander one but had to let it go because it was too small. Such a dope knit.
Will the CPO ever comeback?
How would you describe the differences between the two denims...trying to figure out if it would be redundant to add it to my rotation as I already have 30BSP's.
Are the 2014's available at all the stores? And how do they compare to the 30bsp in terms of fit?
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