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Comparing the measurements, sizing down to a 34 in the Rivet from a 35 Driggs makes sense?
How does the Rivet compare to the Driggs in terms of cut and sizing?
Are the spring MTO pant options going to be launched soon?
Just bought the rest of the canvas Drigg colors I didn't have. Can't wait to see what comes up for the summer pant options!
What size would I be in the Memory/Conservation/Merino? 5'11, ~190 and I wear a large in Epaulet/ Wings+Horns and am a 41-43 in suit jackets.
Does it look like I should size down one on the Driggs? Currently wearing the 35.
Here is the pocket I described.
Whats a good source of interesting fabric to make patches out of? Ive got an EG field parka that had the back pretty well thrashed from wearing a back pack and Id like to throw a nice patch on it.
I have three and they all got a bit of pilling and shrinkage in the wash--maybe hand washing is the only solution?
New Posts  All Forums: