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I could put it up in B/S and try and hunt down a 40R. The problem I run into is sleeve length.
Would the most reasonable course of action be to have it taken in a bit at the waist and wear it with a pair of fuller pants?
Is it something that could be shortened up a bit because there aren't patch pocket?
How is the fit on this blazer? I was fitted at J. Press for it, but I feel like it is slightly too long in the body.
Has anyone gotten the knees on a pair of jeans repaired? I have a pair that the knees are starting to get that fuzzy falling apart feeling and Im not sure if its worth repairing the knees or if I should just retire them.
The jacket previewed in the email looks great. Have you considered carrying a heavy flannel type fabric in a solid or non-check pattern?
How well do FBT's hold up?
Why no point in proxy for outerwear?
Holy crap....just so happens to coincide with my first trip to nyc...so yeah Ill be there.
Who is the first Wings and Horns stockist to deep discount stuff? There are a few things in this current season that I want to get.
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