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Is there any fit difference between these and the sample pairs?I picked up a tan pair during the Brooklyn sale and the Couro Cromo is calling my name.
I picked up a pair of PTB's at Epaulets sale as my first pair of Aldens! Brown CXL with a commando sole. Is there a good option of swapping out the heel for a less chunky piece of rubber? I feel like there could easily be another leather piece on the stack with thinner rubber and it would be just as durable, while looking better. Any ideas?
It was definitely chaotic. The shoes took a lot longer to go than the clothing, but I was able to pick up a sample pair of Chelseas, a pair of Alden PTB, and a pair of white/grey sport trainers. All for less than the price of the Alden PTB's at retail. It was definitely worth the 4.5 hours of round trip driving.
Do people think that there will be a line forming up early tomorrow? I'm debating driving in from Central CT (2 hrs).
What are those loafers? Alden LHS Color 8?
The flannel twill Thanksgiving special shirts shrunk quite a bit, even with a cold wash.
Still haven't decided what to get Gold museum calf boot?
Is the linen sale still ongoing?
I bought this from the Harvard Square store two summers ago. I only wore it once for a party before deciding that it was too long for my tastes. It is in fantastic condition and a real bargain, as I paid almost 600 for it new. It made of Vitale Barberis Canonico wool. The measurements are: 1/2 Chest: 21.75 Length from BOC: 32 Shoulder:19 Sleeves: 26.25
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