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Just bought the rest of the canvas Drigg colors I didn't have. Can't wait to see what comes up for the summer pant options!
What size would I be in the Memory/Conservation/Merino? 5'11, ~190 and I wear a large in Epaulet/ Wings+Horns and am a 41-43 in suit jackets.
Does it look like I should size down one on the Driggs? Currently wearing the 35.
Here is the pocket I described.
Whats a good source of interesting fabric to make patches out of? Ive got an EG field parka that had the back pretty well thrashed from wearing a back pack and Id like to throw a nice patch on it.
I have three and they all got a bit of pilling and shrinkage in the wash--maybe hand washing is the only solution?
The vast majority of shirts I buy now are pull overs and every last one of them has a pocket on the front. I actually based the pocket dimensions off of large pocket on an EG work shirt and it is superb. Fits my phone or a pair of Raybans.
If a Dugdale fabric is sold out, can it be reordered? Interested in the "burnt red plain." It seems like it would be the best choice for a Nantucket Red makeup
Any possibly of getting a MTO Driggs with a nice brick/Nantucket red fabric for the spring or summer?
Are the Heschungs resoleable?
New Posts  All Forums: