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That charcoal.....
I hit 8 shops, found three jackets-two Brooks Brothers, one with burn marks, the other with MJ shoulder pads--and only took home one, a Harris Tweed Orvis.
I could put it up in B/S and try and hunt down a 40R. The problem I run into is sleeve length.
Would the most reasonable course of action be to have it taken in a bit at the waist and wear it with a pair of fuller pants?
Is it something that could be shortened up a bit because there aren't patch pocket?
How is the fit on this blazer? I was fitted at J. Press for it, but I feel like it is slightly too long in the body.
Has anyone gotten the knees on a pair of jeans repaired? I have a pair that the knees are starting to get that fuzzy falling apart feeling and Im not sure if its worth repairing the knees or if I should just retire them.
The jacket previewed in the email looks great. Have you considered carrying a heavy flannel type fabric in a solid or non-check pattern?
How well do FBT's hold up?
Why no point in proxy for outerwear?
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