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McCoys jacket.
I hear you on that call. Most of the photos posted in this thread look wrong for a utilitarian jacket .... no dirt, no trees nothing for the coat to do but strike up a pose. The advertisement photos almost look believable.
I live in the northwestern United States. I have never seen a waxed Barbour coat until I found this thread. Looks like a nice utilitarian and busy garment. More at home in a rural setting than in a major cosmopolitan center. Wearing them with a velvet collared frock coat? Taking styling pointers from a Duke or Earl nor anyone else that would never think of granting me an audience? Nope. I have a long oil cloth duster I keep in the back of the car for rainy days at the dog...
At the risk of my sterling reputation I will post this observation in order for the few whom may look for this type of jacket ... I have the Toys McCoy "Rebel" (2003 season?) jacket as well as a period red "Sportscaster" nylon jacket that differs only in lining, large tooth "Crown" aluminum zipper and elastic gathers that do not cover the very back of the jacket. Some things to look for if you want to search for an accurate "Rebel" jacket. One piece back Twelve stitch per...
I have watched Post O' Alls for quite a while and tip my hat towards the keeping of the machine age clothing alive. It's refreshing to see that it's bucked trends and stays true to the garments that built America. There is nothing more sickening than seeing a man in hip hugger selvage denim.
I know this is a dead thread but here's where you can get these boots and they're well built!
Looks like a black dyed British duffle coat.
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