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""Parents spent 3.8 percent less on themselves, with annual expenditures dropping to $1,184 from the $1,230 reported in fall 2001. Conversely, parents increased spending on their children's clothes by almost 11 percent to $1,115 annually, versus $1,015 in fall 2001."
go and buy Arena Homme or Vogue Homme
One time I wore distressed jeans with a t-shirt to this upscale men's store and the salesguy goes: "HI, THE VERSACE AND DOLCE & GABBANA IS OVER THERE"
I bought my Energie jeans in Toronto. They are just a good alternative to Diesel and the cuts are more European. Energie is the brother label of Miss Sixty. All the clothes are for men which is kind of important for guys to know because their clothes can look feminine (D&G style).
Nope I never really posted in the GQ forums. Energie is not as well known outside Europe but they've got a website: If you don't live in a big city its probably hard to find them.
Hey I'm in high school too. For US$1118 I was able to buy the following: Prada Sport nappa leather shoes Prada Sport bike shoes Prada Sport athletic jacket Prada Sport pique polo shirt Prada Sport teflon vest jacket Samsonite Blacklabel long sleeve shirt distressed Energie jeans black bootcut Energie trousers
Its funny how D&G jacks up the price of a denim jacket by almost $1000 for a few leather patches.
I like the jackets that are splashed with paint better.
Samsonite is very understated. Might seem a bit overpriced for the simply designs. Samsonite was hyped up to be the next Prada Sport but since Neil Barrett left not much stores have been selling it. If you can't find Samsonite then go for Neil Barrett. I've only got one Samsonite Blacklabel shirt from the Travel Wear collection.
here are some alternatives: Energie Jeans Gas Jeans Replay E-Play Evisu D&G Silver Jeans Parasuco
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