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What kind of bags do you guys carry? Im 18 now and I'm looking for an all purpose bag I can use for school, work and the weekend. I'm considering the Prada Sport Gore-Tex bags like this one: I've looked at Tumi but I prefer the simpler look of Prada.
Energie jeans are used in the latest issue of Wallpaper* Energie only makes clothes for men. Some eBay seller right now is listing them as for girls just because they are flared. has great stuff. I don't really like bluefly or yoox because they only stock the leftovers nobody wants. has current season Prada shoes for more than 50% off. Next season they are going to start selling clothes.
Did you watch the Hamptons? The people at the polo event were dressed like they were attending a new Prada opening.
They are known for high quality but I think only old guys wear them.
Final Home Martin Margiela 10 Dsquared2 Prada Sport
I like Hugo, its great for younger guys. The prices are about the same as Energie.
My mom washed my new distressed jeans in warm water and now its even more faded. It looks a few shades lighter than the original jeans.
The best soles are made by Vibram. They manufacture the rubber soles used by Prada. Prada Sport-style rubber sole shoes are not dress shoes and should never be worn with a suit. I've seen this before and it looks stupid, its like wearing running shoes with a suit.
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